New Civ Idea - Kalingans


“The tales of the Kalingā are as old as the Vedic Age. Stretching from the Utkala region near Bengal, to the Kalingāndhra region in the South, and into the deep jungles of Kosala in the West, the Odra people groups were a sturdy and culturally important bunch. Maintaining their independence since the age of classical antiquity, this land of Khandayat warriors never gave up. Legend has it that ancient mariners from this region colonized south-east Asia, and even founded the kingdoms of Funan (Khmer) and Shailendra (Malay). Their artforms with unique masks and mudras are observed even as far as Bāli. Multiple empires sprang up from Kalinga that thundered its adjoining neighbors with its martial tradition.”



Kalingans are a defensive civilization. They start with a gold and a stone mine near town center meaning so they can save some wood from building mining camp early on. Their farms produce infinite food which further saves some wood but with a catch that there are no mill upgrades thus they will need to build more farms to be efficient. But these little wood savings can help them build ships early on domintating the seas reflecting the ancient maritime traditions of Kalinga. Their trade cogs are able to attack like galleys, so they can defend themselves if the need arises. And they can research all their dock techs free when they reach the imperial age. They and their allies can make transport ships at half price. Their unique unit Khandayat is multi-talented trained from the Paika Akhadas. Trained at castle, he can ride into battle on horses able to switch between sword and bow and continuing the fight on foot if felled. Researching Ghumura Chhau allows them to train foot unit Khandayats at Barracks. And their second unique unit Prahari comes with a Khond Battle Axe charging into massed units dealing trample damage though it is fragile in terms of health and can be shooten out afar by archers, used carefully they can be very fruitful. Researching Ga ja pati Emperors lets them be trully the lord of Elephants by making their gold cost replaced with wood. Though they are unable to research their elite versions so they will need their numbers for advantage.


Unique Units

Khandayat = Multirole Unit trained at Castle, can switch between melee cavalry (phadikara), ranged cavalry (dhanuki) and after felling becomes melee infantry (dhenkiya), ranged infantry (banua).

khandait khandaitdhanuki khandaitdhenkiya khandaitbanua

Prahari = Cavalry unit with low HP and high trample attack, trained at Stable


Unique Technologies

UniqueTechCastle DE Ghumura Chhau = Allows the creation of Khandayat Infantrymen at Barracks.

UniqueTechImperialDE Ga ja pati Emperors = Elephant units cost wood in place of gold.

Civilization bonuses

  • Start with a Gold and Stone mine near Town Center
  • Farms produce infinite food
  • Trade Cogs can attack like Galleys
  • In Imperial Age your Dock comes with all techs free to research

Team bonus

  • Archer Units and Buildings +0.5 range

In-game dialogue language

  • Kalingan Units speak Odia


Dharma Expansion


Khandayat looks dope. :two_hearts:

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So basically “What if Konniks and Rathas had childs?” xD

I don’t see it happening… Wasn’t the Malay infinite food from fish traps removed already?

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Yes except that it isn’t cav archer all the time.

check the rest of their tech tree for farms.

It just sounfds like its just a Ratha with even more unique stuff thrown upon it. Not a fan. UUs shouldnt overlap thismuch

Not sure how balanced it is.

This bonus is just a better Sicilian bonus, and in generak I think devs will try to avoid adding any other infinirmte resource generation.

Yes I know you are trying to balance it by removing some eco techs but why not give them a unique farm building instead? It could ast a lot longer than farms but be more expensive. Or cheaper but slower. Idk something like that. In general I think this is overall also not a great trase off, your civ is quite slow to get going already so they need something good mid game (unless the UUs carry the civ)

Eh I dont see it being relevant at all since the civ lacks any other bonus that is good for water, and therefore they will probably just wobtnt be used in water at all

Dont Sicilians already have that?


Ah thanks for bringing it to my attention, I forgot it is with Sicilians already. Any other team bonus ideas that I can use in its place?

You can play the civ on Dharma Expansion :slight_smile:

I think an archer team bonus wpuld fit since from what I heard the Ganga dynasty had good bowmen

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yeah good point Gangaw Dynasty indeed mentions a lot of archery as well as cavalry archers:



How about these team bonuses:

  • Archers have +0.5 range
  • Archers wood cost replaced with food? (probably too strong effect)

want some subtle effects only as all team bonuses are. But it should be unique unused before.

Wood is easier to collect than food throughout 99% of the game (until Wood runs out). How is this a bonus and not a setback.


hmm yeah i should avoid that.

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On the subject of team bonuses, would the following be too strong:

  • archery range technologies cost wood instead of food (or stable or barracks or whatever the civs focus is).

First off, congrats on making playable content for this. That alone sets these concepts apart from the great majority of civ designs that will never exist in any form beyond words on a page. The graphics and presentation are impressive.

Others have given valid design critiques and I wanted to echo some of them and add my own.

This is too extra, even for me. Would be annoying to play against because you’re potentially up against 4 unit types with different armor classes all in one package. Either a toggle or a transform ability is more than enough, but combining them is just massive overkill. Given that you already have the graphics for it, I don’t see you changing too much about it, although I’d recommend splitting it into 2 UUs.

I respect the effort to make this balanced via no Heavy Plow/Handcart, but infinite food is just too extreme.

Other bonuses (Gold/Stone, trade cogs) seem fine.

I’ve looked at the other threads, but won’t respond to all of them. Some interesting ideas, but in general the way you try to incentivize use of bonuses can be a little questionable (like the outpost civ lacking Town Watch). Even so, the effort needed to get these into a more balanced state is surely much less that what you’ve already put into the mod.


That might backfire in some specific cases (a wood less map). The ally would be annoyed if the team bonus just changes their playstyle completely. 11

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I doubt there’s any normal maps where wood would be an issue.

But you’re definitely right the fact that you need to remacro to take to advantage of this bonus makes it not suitable for a team bonuses. Especially because not remacroing might actively harm you (you research crossbow and can’t afford 3rd TC).

Team bonuses should always be at worst passively useful (situationally sometimes but that’s fine).

It’s probably better as a civ bonus.

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