New civ idea

not a new civilization to age of empires but a good one none the less lets get koreans into aoe 3 de in my head its a navy and spearmen/cav civ. we could get a turtle ship as their special ship and it could even be just a reskin of the iron clad with some slight changes. for their special unit it could be a really good spearman with a like a shield that has even more bonus damage to hand cav and a slightly higher anti ranged bonus for archers and ranged cav. as for cav they could have their own special version of the stable that has korean versions of chinese and japanese cav units. the villager system would work similar to japanese where the vills have to age up and gather just the same. or even they could bring back the aoe 1 & 2 gather system and have korean villagers gather resources and have to bring them to a storage pit or a village like the chinese have. if anyone has any other ideas or changes youd make to such a civ let me know

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Koreans do not really fit in this game, all they did was get invaded by the Japanese, and liberated by the Chinese.

Persians, Omani and Siamese, are the last 3 Asian powers that are yet to be added into the game.


I think Korea would be more fitting as a minor civ than a fully fledged one. A Native Ally for Asian Themed maps that unlocks a unique ship type to be trained in the docks and has a unique spearman to be trained in embassies.

That sounds like a massive handicap for them, what it even has to do with Korea in particular?


like how one of the native civs idk if its the lakota or the hauds, but they have the fur trading thing you have to put on the gold mine. and as for the the korean relevance ik its not korea but i thought thought of the live action mulan, how her village was set up and how they lived it was just a way to balance the good and bad so it wouldnt be too op as a civ. like it has these really good military bonuses but has an eco disadvantage

Mulan was chinese, possibly not even a real person, and much before the AoE3 timeframe.

Korea is cool, but it was not a prominent power in this epoch. It was more of a battleground, if anything.

koreans have a long history and their own unique way of doing things and not to mention their military inventions and strength their ships, the war wagons their proficiency with mounted riders, and their metallurgy and scientific tech was amazing you should look up and play empires dawn of the modern world and play the korean campaign its incredible and the game is quite similar to aoe3

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i said in my reply ik it wasnt korean XD and why are u talking time frame im not looking for a campaign lol im just talking for multiplayer and it doesnt need to have been a prominent power during the games exact time frame lol

Korea was not an expansionist empire in th Early Modern Period.

I like Korea in AoE1 (Choson) and AoE2, but it would not make sense to add them to AoE3, when we still do not have Siam, Persian or the Omani Sultanate, all of which fit the game’s theme much more.

Yest, it does, which is what all civs in the game are.
It is called Age of Empires for a reason. It is a game about Imperialism and conquest.

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whatever dude its just a game i just wanted to see freaking turtle ships your exhausting not everything has to be exactly accurate for the time period jeez

AoE2 has them, I play AoE2 often, maybe you should too.

id rather them give the rocket battery as a unit, would be far more unique than a spearman.

more than an anti cav anti ranged pikemen? im just sick of all the carbon copy of units in this game

yes, besides anti range melee infantry sounds bizarre.

there are so many natives that give some form of spearman (sohei, maya, inca) and others who give similar melee units in some flavour or another.

but native artillery doesn’t exist at all in the game, no faction gives that. so for me that would be a far more interesting unit to be able to train than a boring spearman.

inca have a big button that u can get 4 cannons idk if u can multiple times or not but i think the native civs need a consulate of some sort where they can get units cause theres only like what 3 or 4 civs that even have the consulate right?

im talking about inca as a minor faction, since that is what i am talking about korea as well.

also it i always thought that mele units in aoe in general it was weird for them to not have an anti range factor cause through history it was foot soldiers that used shields to protect against arrows if they wanted that aspect to make more sense theyd make cav take the biggest damage from arrows and hand units have at least a little protection and give spear units only slightly higher advantage agianst cav

were talking AOE 3 vs musketeers and riffles, shields where largely abandoned in this periode because they didn’t really offer any protection and because advances in armor meant that you need heavier weapons to penetrate enemy armor anyhow, a 1 hand spear wouldn’t do anything to a guy in plate armor.

in this periode cavalries ability to close the gap quickly makes them resistant to musketeers since in real life if you missed once you probably where in melee by the time you shoot again.

well i mean in the game the majority or civs are set up like the culture is just into getting guns which is why so many units in the game still have guns like look at inca idk there is a single gunpowder unit among the incas units or the aztec and they do fine in the game but if were talking reality theres no way a line of muskets facing a charge of cav would loose cause the musket balls would just tear through them speed or no speed but as i told that other guy this is just a game not everything has to be entirely accurate if they wanna have a unit with a big shield they could say its lined with like goats hide or some ■■■■ and a musket bass would be less likely to penetrate which i mean is actually kinda true the kind of hardwood theyd use for a shield if it was lined with leather and whatever glue they use it would deff stop a musket ball cause back then guns had no bore and what not

and yet armies of the time resorted to box tactics and bayonetes vs enemy cavalry, there is a good chance you wont be able to stop a cavalry charge even with more guys with guns because your reload time is so bad and your guns are far from accurate anyhow, vs melee infantry you might get 2 or 3 shoots off before melee, vs cavalry you get 1.

historically cavalry still played a vital part until the mid 1800s, after which advances in reload speed and range basically made any melee highly unlikely.

the way the game portrays it is actually not too unrealistic, skirmisher beat musketeers because they are spread out and use guns that are more accurate at a longer range, musketeers beat cavalry and melee infantry because of the concentration of firepower and cavalry beat the skirmishers because of their lag of firepower.

also pleas use paragrafs and fullstops, it is quiet hard reading what you are writing.

i keep forgetting to do that lol but anyways i think that giving koreans a turtle ship , that pikemen which idk if u saw in the original would also have bonus damage vs buildings making it like a tank type unit, a full range of korean cav from their stable, and maybe like for a gun unit an arquebuster (idk how to spell it) type unit like the chinese have. or maybe like an exploding arrow archer unit that does splash damage like from that one movie with matt damon about the great wall lol.