New Civ Picker Interface

This feature is something that most of us agree is a good improvement in the new patch. It is great to be able to see the bonuses when positioning the cursor over the icons. However, I feel that the tech-tree is misplaced out of it now. Too many clicks to explore further your civ.
I suggest that left-click selects the civ (without needing to click down on the redundant confirmation button) and a right-click on the civ should lead you to the tech tree of that civ.


I’d propose double-click

But in general, nice idea


It is a good idea.
Certainly would not hurt.

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Nice idea.

They should integrate lots of things from the old menu into the new one.
For example, in order to be an spectator, i have to go for ranked and then go to the old_fashioned spectator sheet


It is a pity that something like this was not integrated along with the new expansion. I hope they can see it at some point. Of course more important is to fix the current critical bugs.