New Civ Recommendations In Case Of Future Expansions (WIP list)

Mining camps and lumberjacks too?

That might make them overpowered

ill consider that for a native american civ, good idea though

maybe if less pop space was given

gave tamils block printing

by the way i updated rajput castles, the image should now say pata for their uu
changed their castle tech to kila too

unswapped tamil UT’s the imp one used to be in castle and vise versa

i finished Sinhalese, but im not adding it in just yet

i also changed the Rajput Kila tech
feedback about my changes are welcome!

finished Sinhalese

some quick questions

Read the Sinhalese section before reading this, or the impression might last
also looking back at the Sinhalese they seem a bit similar to the Tamils, what do you think? (they used to be classified as elephant and infantry, i changed the Sinhalese to just infantry to nullify theeffect that has)
also please tell me if they are under/overpowered

Sinhaleese tech tree seems fine but I dont know much about balancing and viability.Some things like making trade carts generate other resources or rerelics generating all types of resources might not be possible to add.
The Nilame uu should look like this.he is a nobel so would be wearing the finest cloths and armor.

If you plan to use ingame assets just use the malay hero unit with the sword for nilame sunda spearman for the sinhaleese spearman(you can call them laskarins) and the sanchi for the wonder.

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k, do you have any suggestions on that matter?

i was just using the example @StereoQuasar163 gave
does the AoE3 Gurkha work for the place holder icon? image

should i give crop rotation to them?

it turns out i already changed Tamils to have block printing, what are your thoughts on the full monastery?

also i would like to point out that things are taking longer since with all the clutter i have to do things like copy pasting into word-pad and back, which means they take longer

That would work as a placeholder icon.

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thanks for your feedback

lion and sun in the UI as well as ? gunpowder and camel have led me to believe they were Mughals, i will change it to add “or Delhi Sultanate”

i wanted to make their archers a feudal age only thing, making it your most viable feudal age unit, the bonus could also apply to chariots, is that enough of a reason or should i add crossbow?

i tried to change it a bit, do you have suggestion that keeps that karambit anti-infantry theme of the unit?

this is supposed to mimic the current indian’s early game bonus, to allow them to mass up villagers more easily

how about free paladin upgrade when you get cavalier?

Pata swarms are supposed to be their only answer to that, should i change it? the lack of skirms is to suggest cavalry against archers

oh, i forgot about the Burmese, the rajput elephants are supposed to replace rams, i could give them rams and change the bonus

how about 20 free pop for their house bonus, the other ideas you have are reasonable and i will change the civ soon

for the relics how about fod instead of stone so their are no castle spammers
same with trade carts, i mean it’s called “spice” trade

this is supposed to help fisherman far from docks, i want them to have good fishermen because of stilt fishing, however would adding a bonus like this work? town center has extra LOS

Nilame were nobles, so that’s why i wanted to have them cost gold, i can add light cavalry though, but, in trash wars you want to rely on infantry, how does that sound?

that’s what i want to, but the Chariot is controversial and this seems to be the “one size fits all” indian civs unit

anyways, thanks for the feedback, but could you clarify a few things?

by the way, after i change the indian civs, i’m going to start on african civs, but before that how does this sound?
i want to add a category of “good team synergies”
if you think of any please let me know!
the synergies don’t have to be equal by the way

In all fairness, the Mughals technically did exist during the end of the AoE2 timeframe, but they were such latecomers that it’s easier to just say the Delhis.

Having the bonus only apply to the Feudal Age before suddenly turning into complete garbage in Castle is just too abrupt and not worth it. If you get an edge with your Archers in Feudal, you should at least be allowed to ride that advantage in the Castle Age by having access to Crossbowmen that can outrange the enemy TC. Having to completely reinvest in your army as soon as the Castle Age starts severely slows you down.

I would probably just give them much more hit points than the Shotel Warrior, at the expense of slower creation times.

That’s not the same though because the Indians’ are actually saving food on each Villager they make, whereas the Rajputs here just have a little more leeway before getting housed, something irrelevant if you play them right (and it doesn’t really save wood in the long run like the Huns).

That would be much more useful. So useful, in fact, that it would make sense for their Paladins to lack a couple of upgrades.

The problem is that Pata are made at the Castle, so they take way longer to mass, even if they’re trash units.

That would actually make more sense because then they wouldn’t have to focus on building houses in the Dark Age, allowing them to keep up with other civs.

It would still only be worth it if the amount of food you got was several times the amount of gold you usually get per trip.

It helps because your ships and villagers are not gathering food when they’re busing bringing the fish back to the dock or mill. This is also a major reason deer and boar luring is so important.

Their trash selection should at least have a slight overall buff.

thank you for the feedback

i’ll add crossbows, and the bonus will only affect foot archers since the chariot is a good unit and doesn’t need a bonus

i put decent hit points, but i guess people lean to shotel warrior because of creation time, anyways, urumi were masters of martial arts, so slower creation time makes sense

i think in this case you are talking about Rajputs

ok, i’ll change the tech tree

how about having elite skirm? halbedier is gone so you can go with camels, and i hope i don’t have to change that

ok, i’ll change that

for relics it could be a passive bonus, but i understand the trade cart problem,
for relics how about we mimic Lithuanians, giving infantry more attack till a maximum?
for the trade carts how about they move faster?

i’ll also improve Sinhalese trash

anyways thank you, i’ll start editing the tech trees soon

That sounds perfect. Transitioning from the Archer line to the Chariot line seems like a natural progression.

I did, sorry. :frowning:

Camels aren’t trash, they cost lots of gold. Elite Skirm is in the right direction, though.

The infantry attack bonus sounds like an inferior version of the Aztec and Burmese bonuses. It would only make sense if they started with some extra attack from the beginning that could then be increased even further.

Faster moving trade carts sounds good.

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ok, thanks i’ll work on the tech trees

one thing i’ll clarify is the Pata (Rajput UU) may not be as good as halberdiers or camels, they do have an anti-cav bonus, an can be used in a pinch

another thing is we could keep the relic bonus as a passive one, trickling abit of food, as Sinhalese should be a strong civ already

anyways thank you, and the changes should arrive soon

i’m not sure but does the urumi description sound better?

also the Rajputs are going to lose arbalest to make up for getting skirmishers, as they would otherwise have a full archery range

i was thinking about the rajput elite skirmishers, i was playing with the idea of what if in trash wars you want to end things quickly, before things go out of hand, like turks but if they weren’t as bad with trash

and a Sinhalese player should get relics right, so they can pay the needed gold?

what do you think of these ideas?

This is an idea that came to me today,rather than giving the other indianish civis the BE why not give them the EA unit from the castle as a regional unit? Current indian civi has the camel uu and ea like that tamils can have the ea and chariot etc.

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i considered that but i don’t want to change the current civs balance/interrupt any meta

i think i finished implementing the changes, if you could quickly review them to make sure i didn’t miss anything or misplace anything that would be nice but you don’t have to