New Civiliations graphics are GREAT ! Lovely work from devs indeed

Especially Ottos Knight line and Sipahis look extraordinarily beutifull…
Malian walls and fortifications look amazingly beutifull…
Jans look crap but Elite ones look AWESOME !..


Apart from worst Ottoman landmarks, weak Jans, thank you for Mali as Mali shows us the effort, Ottomans not. Just I wached drongo videos, Ottomans lost the malians :rofl:

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Ottomas units are weak and gameplay is crap. But i believe their units are perfect at design.
Probably devs would fix them before release. Or just leave ottos for fun games not a competitive games idk.
Balancing needs practice tests thats probably why PUP’s are given.


Ottoman Units dont have unique tecs upgrade. I watch youtube videos playesr dont choose weak Jans so they …up at the battles.:slight_smile:


Yeah graphics looks great. Even more so considering the civs are free. I like the design of the civs. Along with all the balance changes that came with them.

For me the thing that stood out is the UI. Surprisingly having the English voices for the malians/Otto’s made the lack of immersion from the UI stand out even more.

Hopefully they allow UI mods in ranked at some stage and people will make an immersive UI, like SC, aoe etc

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Yes, they will most likely do so later…

I love to play Age of 4 from the release and with new civs this game is going to another level. I hope Ottomans will have some love and some effort from devs until free dlc released. Moreover Hre and Abbasid needs some love. I am not pro player but I write here what I see and play. I believe devs, I see their efforts on the game.


this is just a place holder… not intended for final release haha