New civilization suggestion

I think that we should also get vlachs/romanians in aoe2:de since they already have the Dracula campaign.


Maybe in future expansions. Developers have enough work already

There would probably be 4 new civilizations, there is still some possibility of something more, but it will take some time. As a suggestion, I would like to see these two civilizations at some point:

  1. Timurids (elephants with gunpowder weapons)
  2. Russians
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There will be no new extension as it is a definitive edition

Russians = Slavs lol


Oh true. That varies a lot from game or period, I’ve seen other medieval games have the Russians, but it would perhaps be a matter of “name.” Just as Mughals would be present in the civilization of India in Age of Empires 2.

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Never say never. Forgotten Empires has basically been raised up by MS since their mod days specifically to develop and support classic Age of Empires titles. The sheer number of packs they’ve made just for AOE 2 HD, plus the rather unexpected announcement of new civs for this version, suggest they aren’t quite done. Even after AOE 3 Definitive rolls out, I doubt part 2 will be forgotten.

Fact is, after all these years, AOE 2 remains the most played of the entire series, and the one that still gets a ton of attention to this day. While I know I don’t speak for everyone per say, many of us were interested in AOE 1 DE exclusively for what it promised for AOE 2.

Now, with that said; on the remote chance that they do make more expansions down the line, the things I’d personally wish for are more to do with cosmetics than civs. More varied environment types, and of course the whole “regional units” thing. (Yes, I know, unlikely as ever, but a man can still dream! ).


I’ve said it before, but if they’re going to add any new civs in further updates for AoE2:DE, I want to see the Shona people of Great Zimbabwe (as well as other kingdoms in the southern African region) represented. It disappointed me a bit that the African Kingdoms DLC for HD focused entirely on the northern half of the continent.

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“People love Age II, and if people just want to play Age II forever okay, that’s cool. We’ll keep making campaigns and stuff for them to do. It really is a long term commitment for us. We want to keep supporting the game.””

It appears that we will just have to keep the game popular so that developers see that they can make money from making and selling expansions :slight_smile:


WOW, this is amazing!, now we have a confirmation that there may be more content over time.:+1:


Also, did the Timurids actually use gunpowder weaponry? I only ask because I don’t know for certain if they did. The Mughals (who descended from the Timurids) certainly did use gunpowder in a big way - but the Mughals are already represented by the Indians, which makes it a bit tricky.

Secondly, weren’t the Timurids basically Mongols (with a bit of Turkic admixture and with Persian culture) anyway? The Mughals were descendants of Timurids if I’m not mistaken, whose ancestors were part of the Chagatai Khanate - which was one of the four successor states of the Great Mongol State (the Mongol Empire founded by Genghis Khan in 1206 AD).

If they DID add the Timurids as a civilisation at some point, I’d like to see them use the turquoise-domed architecture that (I think) is being used by one of the latest civilisations (the Cumans?) in the definitive edition. The blue-domed architecture seems reminiscent of Uzbek architecture in Samarqand (in Uzbekistan).

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Tibetans is a really powerful empire in AOE2 era.They beat Chinese empire so many times and have great influence in Central asia.


Regarding the Timiruds, you are correct in that they use the turquoise-dome architecture because it matches the locale better.
Timiruds had Turkish influence beyond the Mongols. Turks were the ones who passed the technology of using the gunpowder and it seems, the Timiruds also had well-armed elephants.

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I have not played the campaign for years now and I do not have Age2HD with me at the moment. I’m waiting for Age2DE, so please correct me if I say wrong. thank you.

Regarding the Mughals, I believe they can be added to the game, if the developers want it.
Let’s go to the facts:

  1. Mughals do not appear in the game.
  2. Mughals has no campaign in the game, There is no story of them showing their battles. (this part is not sure, but I believe the campaign is not focused on the Mughals).
  3. Mughals is only mentioned at the end of text the Encyclopedia/history of Indian civilization, as a new empire that would come to emerge.(note, have not yet appeared, it was to come).
  4. Mughals only appear in the game as a nickname of NPC of kings, when playing in free mode against AI (I can not now remember his names)
  5. Mughals wore much elephants armed with gunpowders and India only elephants with arrows.
  6. Mughals did not dominate all of India, only the northern part. It means that there could be the Mughal Empire separated from India, for India in the southern part did not belong to the Empire Mughals.
  7. Mughals does not appear in the encyclopaedia / history, telling in texts everything about him, his reigns, kings, conquests …

Summing up, Mughals can be added. If they do not, then do the Timiruds, but thanks to the Timiruds, born the Mughal Empire.


@ [BanBankotsuBr] Interesting suggestion. I suppose they could then add not just the Moguls, but also the Afghans, the Guptas, and the Cholas (a southern Indian empire that also had a significant influence on South-East Asian civilisations). The Indians in AoE2 actually correspond to the Delhi Sultanate (which was originally a Turkic empire from Central Asia) and this is demonstrated by one of their unique techs, ‘Sultans’. This civilisation is also represented by the Rajputs (as demonstrated by the Forgotten Expansions campaign) - so the Indians in AoE2 are clearly a hybrid group.

Several empires are represented in AoE2 as being located in the same region, but at separate times.

A classic example of this would be the Visigoths who ruled over pre-Islamic Spain (the kingdom of Asturias, for example, in the ibn Ziyad campaign), the game, however, does also include the Spanish (who ruled over Spain post Reconquista, as depicted in the El Cid campaign). The Huns and the Magyars are possibly another example, as are the Turks and the Tatars?

So, yes, the Indians and the Moguls could be two separate civilisations. That said, it doesn’t make a lot of historical sense. The Moguls, like the Delhi Sultanate, were not originally an Indian civilisation (having originated in the Chagatai Khanate/ Uzbekistan) but, as a consequence of several centuries of living in India, they would generally be considered to be Indian civilisations.

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By regional units do you mean completely changing base units into region specific ones? For example, knight->paladin being a pure European-civ unit and other regions get something functionally similar but different - i.e. heavy cavalry that are not knight-cavalier-paladin? If so that would be amazing. In fact, I would be ecstatic if this were even just purely cosmetic. It’s always felt off to me with civs in the far east, the middle east, or the steppe having European knights amongst their armies


Basically the way Empire Earth 2 and Rise of Nations did it.

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The Timurid descendant Babur was the first Mughal. They called themselves the descendants of Timur and always emphasised that. The Indian civilisation has been transformed into the Indian/Hindu version of Indians since the beginning - see the architectural updates etc. If you want the Mughals, use the Timurids as their architecture also fits better.


I agree with you.

In case the devs are interested, I made an in-depth topic about the Vlach culture.

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Imagine an Orthodox DLC:
perhaps Albanians