New civilizations

Hello guys, I saw the new civilizations you added in Age of Empires 2 HD, I think they are great but I would really look forward to seeing some new one, like Polish, Roumanians (Wallachia, Moldavians) especially because they had a very important role in battles against Turks in Europe.


well… it’s not that simple. I think Magyars and Slavs fit pretty well the gap left in the balkans, even not being totally accurate. Sure, aoe2 needs to fill the HRE and polish gap, but that would need a lot of thinking, because these civs only have their importance assured when aoe2 storyline starts to finish.
I think tibetans would be a cool civ to add, though

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I thinkthat it’s a shame that while Franks, Brits, Spaniards, Portugese etc. all get their own civs, every Slavic nation is put into one generalized civ “Slavs”. It wouldn’t be a big deal but the only campaign that utilizes Slavs is the Dracula one, and Dracula wasn’t even Slavic.

There’s many a story to be told about central / eastern Europe in the middle ages, but we got none.

I agree with you! Thou to be honest, Balkans could be a good category maybe, Bulgar a other one (Bulgar are one of the oldest empires), Romanians (Wallah and Moldova, here could be very good assault units called “Flacai”), Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and so on.

These (or most) are already counted in for the ‘Slavs’ civilization, found in the Forgotten Expansion dlc

I think Thailand is one of the additional civs. But I can’t guess another…

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I wouldn’t mind another Indian civ (Rajputs, or Sikh Empire.).

Flemish, Georgians, Lithuanians and Tibetans is my guess (well except Lithuanians)


I would like that. I cant wait for 4pm today to find out

Yeah, they won’t be played though, but will be revealed. I think i got 2 or 3 right who knows lol

The new civs are Lithuanians bulgarian tatar and cumans

The Swahili, Siamese, Tibetans, Bulgars and maybe Georgians would be great additions.

I really want to see Tibet empire, but the four new civs are really cool !

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Tibet belonged to China during the Tang and Ming dynasties.

I would love to see and play with the “Thai” civilization.

  • Perhaps the only special unit for Thai, could be its rare white elephants (albinos) and would come equipped in the war version of Thai (looks almost like a throne on the back, where it even has spears and halberds) with its mahout (rider).

However, I would also like to see and play with the “Dravidians” civilization.

Not true. Tibetan Empire even sacked the Tang capital…

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Well in the 14,15,16 century, the Tubo Empire was a vassal state of the Ming Dynasty.

By that weak logic, Korea should not even be in the game as they were a protectorate of the Chinese.