New civs // asset editor?


I’m pretty comfortable with the SC2 map editor and I’ve been messing around with the aoe4 editor and can load the objects such as longbow men age 1 but they don’t load with their weapons and I’m assuming that’s becasue from the mod base file, the animations and bow asset are detached, but I was wondering if there is an easier way than puling the local files into blender and then editing the meshes there and then replacing them into the base files to edit appearance. I know this editor is new so I’m not sure if anyone can help me but some guidance would be amazing. eventually I want to add in a whole civ and I’m not even sure if that’s doable at this state with the editor ( or its possible just immensely difficult ). Any help or just places to find information would be amazing!

Thank you in advance if you take time to respond to this

Hello :slight_smile:

There is a discord channel for aoe4 modders where you possibly get the answers.

You can find the link to the discord channel on this reddit post:

Thank you very much for your modding work and helping make aoe4 better.

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its not possible currently due to not having access to state trees and so on.