New Civs General Balance Discussion

I don’t know if I’m posting this too early but I’m shocked at the launch balance.
I’m concerned about these unique units

Let’s look at the data
Konnick - 60 food 70 Gold
Castle Age 110 HP, 12 attack, 2/1 armor. 1.9 Attack speed Fully upgraded in Castle Age that’s 130 HP, 14 attack, 4/3 armor, and 1.5 Attack speed. (With Stirrups) - That’s almost as fast as a Samurai.
Imperial Age Elite w/ Full Upgrades: 150 HP, 14+4 attack 5/6 armor, and the same 1.5 attack speed. At this point the fact that they lack 10 HP from a generic paladin is completely irrelevant. Paladins attack slower than Cavalier for a reason. That gets completely thrown out the window with a Konnick. This is insane. That alone is broken without even factoring in the fact that they don’t have to spend as much stone as other civs to get to their unique units, neither the factor that they spawn another unit on dead.

Kipchaks have 0 frame delay and an incredibly quick reload time of 1.8 - and they fire MULTIPLE arrows. I’m getting the impression that being outranged isn’t a big issue for them since they’re on a horse. Mangudai had 0 frame delay removed for a reason. Now that was also swept under the rug and brought back, it was decided to be paired with a chu ko nu as well. Okay.

What about Steppe Husbandry?
Cuz we’re supposed to let the fastest lcav/hussars and cav archers in the game slide when being produced 80% faster too.

I know balance patches are coming but there’s so much that shouldn’t even be on release. It’s honestly going to water the game down and make most skill gaps above brand new increasingly irrelevant. Malians had halberdier on release and ethiopians got it for free. That’s a bit different than having completely broken unique units from the get go; I don’t think any of the unique units in the past expansions had balance issues as massive as these do.