New Civs

How are the new civs? Any tips on them?

They’re currently still unplayable; they unlock at 5pm today, I think?

You should watch the YouTube promotional videos if you want more info.

5 PM what time zone?

It releases at 5pm UK Time, sorry!

It let me download the patch yesterday afternoon, not sure if the civs were unlocked though as I didn’t play yesterday

Alright, thanks. Guess I’m playing it tomorrow. xD

11am for me then, can’t wait.

Personally I’m at the point where I don’t want to go through another round of dlc lame and I don’t like these new maps at all so I guess I’m taking a break for awhile.

New maps are incredible, new civs are super fun, royal houses are so fun, new mercs are interesting. I’m in love.


Why exactly?? Have passed few hours from release, What are wrong with them?


I’m old and getting tired of all the adaptation I suppose. These maps have an entirely different feel to them. The hunts and treasure guardians seem to respond differently. The resources seem more exposed.

It just feels very different

a small note about malta that I appreciate, the military units all speak different languages lol, though i cant tell what language the pikes and sentials are speaking

The explorer speaks middle english
vils is Maltese i think
the xbows are french
the knights are german
the falc is english
the culv is italian
the mortar is port


Fitting for a nation of VERY MIXED history.
THAT’S impressive for a small detail!
WELL DONE devs. I love them for this detail! They really do care.

Well you can’t play same old things all the time yeah?

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Well though the game is great I wouldn’t call it a stable product. It needs some work at the edges. Adding more fuel to the fire just as it was burning down is mind numbing. I hope it works out ok.

The maps are ugly and seem very different. That may just be my personal opinion but I don’t look like these quadrant effects from the tp lines and as I stated the hunts and treasures seem more unpredictable than ever. These are distracting to the game not a benefit. Some managing of these factors is a skill that should propel you forward. Having to start intensely microing these elements again is an annoyance seeing as they were in a good place and seemed to have gone backwards.

I’ll give it some more time I suppose

Weird, I found no issue with hunts and other resources. In fact I really like some of the different things like capturable towers and mills etc that make the game play out a little different, visually the maps are stunning too.

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Maybe I’m just frustrated. Getting spammed by the new civs last night may have given me a dlc relapse

The beastie seems more aggressive than the previous guardians

I am actually kinda of surprised how much malta plays like a normal euro civ, albeit a pike and xbow one

in addition the bolt card in age 3 makes upgrading a xbow pike mass in age 3 much more worth it and you dont have to transition into skirms

edit: i am also trying to figure out if a cav opening in age 2 is doable with malta and I think doing a german tounge in transition is viable, but that 500 wood cost is steep

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I’ve only found german tongue viable in mirrors or vs very passive civs/players.