New common units/techs for existing civs?

TWC expansion added quite a few common units for European civs, like Horse Artillery, Petards, Spies and revolutionary units. However, TAD did not update any of the existing civs.
DE has updated the politicians but has not introduced any new unit or tech for the old civs, besides the grenadier launcher and the scout for Aztecs. Do people think we could update the old civs a little bit more to keep them abreast with the new civs? What units/techs would you like to see?

I’d suggest several units from the Napoleonic Era mod as a good starting point.

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I want to share siege hammers in aboriginal countries, and Asian civilizations need to add shared units.

If they are doing indochina civs like Malay or Siam, i think that Elephants, flaming arrows, and arquebusiers should be shared with them.
Since cavalry (apart from elephants) is not abundant in siam, perhaps Tiger Claws (or Karambit Warriors in the case of Malay) should be their main “cav”.
Arsonists could also be a nice addition to the mix.

One of my problems with the original TAD was that they couldn’t introduce new features for the old civilisations because players could have TAD without TWC and the other way round.
The DE didn’t add much to older civilisations besides balance changed.
I think TWC and TAD civilisations feel a bit too exotic and I wish they where more like the original ones. Some stuff is just inconsistent, like why does all Asian Cavalry need an attack bonus against Skirmisher but no cavalry before did.

Its hard to add new units and make them viable without making them too op i guess.
They did add grenade launcher card to make grenadiers more useful for example but people still dont use them because that is a whole shipment and on top of that you need to upgrade them to veteran.
In the end of the day people will just revert to the old compositions.