New custom campaign: Mongol invasions of Japan

Hello lads. I finally finished my custom campaign about the mongol invasions of Japan, one of the best and most complicated I have ever made, because it includes chance triggers ( first time I use them). The only things I couldn´t include are the intro and outro scenes and the background custom map(like in the official campaigns). I tried everything but Im a nerd when modding. Hope you like it. If you find bugs please tell me on the modshop. Here is a link: Mods Single – Age of Empires



As a casual player, i played almost every custom campaign i found! You give me content to keep playing AOE, i love custom campaigns!

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Hey buddy. You should read this: Steam Community :: Guide :: JSON Kungfu Made in CHINA (Unique tutorial for slide and layout)

I hope, this will help you in making campaigns :slight_smile: