New Custom Scenario : Battle of Thannuris

Hello guys,

I have just published a brand new custom scenario based on Byzantine historical theme. This is the second scenario in this campaign.


  1. Unique Tech Tree with custom units.
  2. Custom map size 50*50.
  3. Unique gameplay.
  4. Detailed and nice map design.
  5. Custom scripted AI for bots.
  6. AI-Trigger combo to ensure smooth and fun gameplay.
  7. Historically accurate depiction.
  8. A hand-drawn map is also included to give an idea about 6th century Byzantine Empire.
  9. A walk-through is included in the Docs folder of the mod directory.

If you like this scenario, please hit the like button! Stay tuned for more Byzantine scenarios in the future. Happy Gaming!

My previous works include :
Battle of Panipat, Siege of Lahore and Siege of Amida (The first Byzantine scenario). These are all available on steam workshop for AOE II : HD version.

A scenario by Shuvro.

The scenario can be found here: