New Cutscenes?

I remember that the old version had this gorgeous (for the time) cutscenes and they’re not in the Definitive Edition. Do you think they must return? Obviously, improved, skippable and maybe some new ones.


Would be beautiful! But I don’t think they do, since the game hardly receives updates, and when a new version comes out they are minor fixes.


Somebody knows where can we suggest this? Supposing they’re still interested in the AoE fandom, of course.

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The original ones actually looked like old, historical sketches! I think the DE ones are trying to make it be like mmorpgs to be more popular, rather than stay original, & yes I think the new ones are crap!!!

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I’d like entirely new videos, or the classic ones, being remastered in some way (now we have image upscaling through AI and precise sharpening technology, so it shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish).

I feel like the game is incomplete in more than just one way. Cinematics are an example of what’s lacking.


Well, other than the official forums, I don’t know. I personally think this is the best place to suggest, complain, and report issues, as long as one stays civil, of course. Then, there’s Reddit, but that’s way, way more unlikely to be seen by developers, though I may be wrong about that (I don’t have the statistics).

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Well… then we can only hope.


It would be betraying the AoE tradition if they didn’t do so.