New DLC Suggestion: Between the Worlds. Germanic Tribes

To keep AOE2 interesting, we need new content. I suggest a new DLC for the german tribes, which where always in between the two worlds: The West and the East:

Anglen, they moved to britain at a certain point and mingled with them. There is so much great history. They would be great in early Naval, could do Fireships arlready in Dark Age.

Saxons. Good monk Civ (Martin Luther), Campaign around Martin Luther, e.g. when they took him to Wartburg castle.Special tech: Reformation.

Bavarians. Get cheaper food. Have strong leather cloths → vils more armor already in dark age.

Suabians (Schwaben): Efficient workers, have already the upgrads for wood etc. Astronomy (Johannes Keppler) gives higher line of site, etc pp


This thing already happened to France when separate Burgundians appeared in the game and no one knows why. They were never a free nation.
I understand tribes have some differences, especially for German players. But for a game still lacking entire nations and even Russian and East Asia campaigns this is really not the point. Those German tribes never had an empire separately.

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to make game intersting
fix the goddamn pathing!!! !!! !! !! ! !! !!! !
then think about dlcs and flashy alpaca avatars

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what? since when are germans ‘east’. they are western european, central at most. in what world are they eastern??

do you want vil rushes? because that’s how you get vil rushes

if you meant to write ‘Suebians’, those are not the same as the swabians. no idea what suabians are meant to be.

same as burmese

at this point more civs are making the game worse not better

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Oh, yeah, lets make a civ for each european m³ that had more than two people on it, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Vikings still dont have a campaign so its just a matter of time before we get another european Dlc.Also the central european buildings did not get any civi added to them since aoc.


2DE players 20 European civs in: you know what we need? Even more Euro civs.


Hope none of these are an infantry civilization or have major handicap. Its time to get a new Paladin civilization.

I vote something radical. North America civ with Native Indians. That’d be so cool. More meso like civs.


First the pathing needs fixing. First and foremost.

in fact, it makes sense to split Teutons up: Bohemians and Burgundians and others were also part of the holy German empire. There were also wars between Saxony, Württemberg and others. There are historically many good reasons, an these civs would be much more realistic adaptations compared to civs somewhere in other continents, that didnt have the develpment needed to be competetitve in 800-1600.

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Most African nations had so much gold they could buy out their enemies and crash their economies. Asians had some of the most interesting developments in tech.

Americans might not have had high technology but without the livestock based pandemics destroying their giant large standing armies the Europeans would’ve roasted alive in Mexico with all their steel armor and would have lost vs way large numbers of soldiers possibly over a million large.

But without unintended biological warfare Id be putting more money on Aztec victory over Cortez’s small fleet


i dont agree. At the end this is Age of Empires.
We need a civ that is capabale of building castles, developing Chemistry or metal forging.

There are not many civs still available that can do that, outside europe. But there are plenty in Germany: Swabian, Bavarian, Saxon, Preussia, Angeln,. …

You arent really explaining your position well. Like at all. Aztec and most cities in Mexico and Central America were advanced cities. Obsidian wasnt as strong as steel but if you hit a guy in the face with an arrow his steel chestguard doesnt mean anything.

Anyway Im not sure you are arguing in good faith here. But at least try to understand


Anyone in asia fits this gunpowder was invented in china.

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Jurchens are one of the first recorded uses of gunpowder vs Mongols. And guess what even with this superior technology they still lost to some ragged horse barbarians that forged with weaker metals so what does that say about technology being the only factor when your fire lances lose to a bunch of nomadic yak herders!?

In fact one of the first times gunpowder actually made the difference in a war wasnt vs the Spanish in the new world because that was plague doing all the work

It may have been the Songhai fall vs Berbers in thr battle of Tondibi


both of you are right. Aztecs were very well developed, and Chinese invented gun power. All great!
But: WE DO have these civs already. If we want new civs, this is my suggestion. There are not many other American civs which had a decent development (apart from the - really great i dont deny this! - existing ones!)

Toltec city remains of Tula show great ealls and fortress remains and still standing pyramids around 1k years old.

Same in Purepecha lands or Chimu

All of these civs forged weapons granted not with steel.

And if the issue is chemisty many of the civs that end before 1200 dont have gunpowder or shouldnt. Huns, Magyars, Romans, Goths, Vikings, and Mongols controlled most of the world despite lacking it


Tlaxcala, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, Mapuche, Mississippians, Shoshone…just off the top of my head.


Actually if the parameters is forging metals castle heavy cities and chemsitry then Mongols didnt really have either not until AFTER they controlled China at least

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We have teutons already and none germanic parts of the HRE also ingame italians burgundians and bohemians.How different will saxons bavarians austrians be from current teutons?