New DLC / update

Does anybody have any informations about possible new DLC or update?

We haven’t heard anything yet

In the past, after the last update for AOE 1 they was promising more to come, the game has been abandoned, in the last update for AOE 2 they promised much more to come, even a roadmap, nothing has been come until now, the game has been abandoned because AOE 4 probably.

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Which is maybe right. Age 4 definetely needs a lot of work put into.
I’m fine if it takes some time for a next major update for age 2.

What they need to fix fast is the terrible arabia change. We need to have the versatile Arabia back we had like 2 major patches ago. We can leave the current version of runestones as a agressive map type in the pool, but we need to return Arabia to the versatile map it always was.

If the majority of the players prefers a more agressive map like current runestones, we would see this map preffered more and more often then. But please leave the choice of which type of maps we prefer to the players, don’t force us to chose between two quite similar more agressive maps. That’s not a “Choice” at all imo.


They changed the maps for the pro players, who are leaved AOE 2 now for AOE 4, I’m for no more pro players related game changes.


They are worked by diferent people so prob they are just working in the next aoe2 expansion


Well, I am pretty sure the pro scene will return in the long run.
Age 2 is just more competitive and allows for much more “funky” and “fancy” moves only the very best can pull of (and are visible to the watchers, age4 also has stuff like this, but it’s macro and therefore really hard to follow to).

So it’s fine if age2 also cares about the pros, mostly in terms of civ balance and so on, but I agree that the last patch was too obviously inspired by a certain minority of pros and casters and neglected some of the warnings we already spoke out before here in the forums.
Later some of the pros actually reverted their opinion and admitted that the last changes actually did achieve loss of diversity. I think we could find a solution with just providing both: A more agressive and a “status quo” version of arabia so there is the option to chose.
I just hope devs will see that aswell at some point.

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They won’t stop updating any time soon.


Similar words they said with the last update for AOE 1.
If they should work on nee civs dlc than hopefully adding minimum 3 and not just poorly 2

oh what a beautiful thing to read. Thanks for posting here.

The difference is that AoE1 isn’t that popular especially since it aged so badly compared to AoE2, while AoE2 DE is just as popular as AoE4 nowadays so it would be a huge mistake for MS to drop it. They are also actively updating AoE3, which got a DLC after AoE4’s release, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t update AoE2 too.


My bet’s the next update comes on the 11th, laughter all around

They just released a PuP so it’s likely too late for this date but it should be before the end of the month at least.

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Where can we see the PUP?

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They should minimum show the promised roadmap


It’s available if you play the Steam version, right click the game in your Steam library, choose “property” then “betas” and if you click the menu the PuP should appear.

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January PUP says it includes Ranked Deathmatch lobbies, Saladin and Alaric CO OP campaigns, and “Lots of bug fixes”

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So we get finally rid of Flemish Revolution? :smiley:

Give me a fix for the custom campaigns save/load bug, or give me death.

Any balance changes?