New economic victory?

I don’t know if I’m speculating too much about this but might there be another economic victory they’re planning to add

“Claim victory by means of sheer military might, diplomatic prowess, or through overwhelming economic power!”

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Might be Diplomacy. But I don’t think it would affect Conquest game setting with economic victory.

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I played a classic RTS game, called Space Clash, in which you can win by diplomatic victory if you “buy” the full oponent army. It was very, very expensive. One of the four civs in the game focused in this.

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I feel this may just refer to the campaigns. Currently wonder victory is kind of economic victory with the added requirement to defend the wonder for some time. Also spies kind of helps you a get a victory but if you are 30000 gold ahead of your opponents, why haven’t you already won.


To be honest i think that the economic power they are talking about is a good eco, the eco that u make, it doesnt matter if u are a good player as long as u dont have an eco behind, this is what i believe, that is just added to sound nice