New entertainment mode suggestion: "Twice" mode

Note that the following are purely entertainment mode suggestions and do not involve the balance issues of regular ranked matches. Core players do not need to worry too much.

What I call “twice” mode means that in principle, all content in the game that originally had a limited quantity will be changed to double the upper limit.

First, let me explain the original intention of adding such a mode.
From my personal observation of the Age of Empires community in China, the criticism of Age of Empires 3 by players outside the circle is not only that the Chinese unit design is too weird, but also focuses on the “village war”.

The “village war” here refers to the fact that the battlefield in Age of Empires 3 is too small. First of all, Due to the limited number of population buildings and defense buildings, the base area is too small, and it looks more like a countryside than the towns in Age of Empires 2 and 4. .

In addition, it is also obvious that under the population limit, plus the high-level units in Age of Empires 3 occupy a large number of people (ranging from 2 to 8), excluding resource production units, the number of military units is relatively small. Therefore, the battlefield is relatively small.

Some friends may think that such changes are meaningless because everyone is used to the original gameplay.
However, I think that just like the Empire War Mode and the Economic Tycoon Mode, this is just a suggestion for entertainment gameplay, so that entertainment players can have a more immersive experience when playing the stand-alone mode. It also makes it easier for these players to have more choices when forming entertainment bureaus with other players.

There is a saying among players: “I don’t have to play, but you’d better have it.”

And this change does not require too much effort from developers. For a long period of time, there is no need to consider opening the ladder ranking for this gameplay. Let everyone have fun in the entertainment. If the feedback is good, you can make further plans. Even if the response is mediocre, it is just another “tycoon mode” situation and will not cause any loss to the gameplay of the game itself.

Examples of implementations:

  1. The regular population limit is changed from 200 to 400, China is changed from 220 to 440, Russia is changed from 210 to 420, etc.
  2. The upper limit of the number of defensive buildings and population support buildings is also directly multiplied by 2, while the support numbers of population support buildings remain unchanged, so the base size will naturally expand.
  3. The amount of card support for military units and resources in the deck will be increased accordingly, maybe 2 times, or it can be redesigned.
  4. The upper limit of special units and ship-type units with limited q####### will also be increased accordingly.

The name of this mode may be called “Battlefield Mode”, “Grand War Mode”, “Kingdom War Mode” or the like. Because I’m not a native English speaker, I can’t think of a decent name.