New ESO Patch - CRC Mismatching

Game Version:

The Asian Dynasties (1.03) - ESO multiplayer patch


After installing the multiplayer patch that was released on 08/19, I found that I was unable to join game lobbies that were missing the patch.
Brought this to the attention of AOE on Twitter and they said it was an issue.

FAQ on the patch page states that patched users should be able to play with non-patched users.

EDIT: It seems as if the section in the FAQ stating this has been removed

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Install the multiplayer patch following the provided instructions
  2. Launch TAD
  3. Load into ES Online
  4. Go to Game Browser
  5. Games missing patches are marked with CRC Mismatch

Additional Notes:

  • Other players of AOE 3 have reported on Reddit being unable to join non-patched players as well
  • If the patch was installed on a Steam installation of AOE 3, you can remove it by using “Verify game integrity”

Are you talking about ESOC patch?

I’m not exactly sure of what ESOC is but I have provided a link to the patch I’m talking about in Reproduction Steps.

You need to be on the same version as whoever you are playing with. It isn’t compatible with the standard patch that comes on the steam version.

@n0elus he’s talking about the new manual official patch, not ESOC.

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