[New feature Idea] Vassals

Hello, I bring an idea that round my head for a loing time.
I think Age of empires 2 needs more “empire” elements to enhance the feel of conquest and add more interesting strategic layers to the matches.
So, the idea is to add some little tribes spreaded in the map.
These tribes, can be conquered and each one gives you a particular bonuses to you.

The tribes:
Each tribe have a central TC, some houses, a military building, some guards and maybe some decorative assets to give innmersion and “life”.

To conquer a tribe you need to kill its guards and any enemy unit in a certain area around the camp’s TC. Lets say 10x10 tiles. None player can build inside this area.
Once a tribe is conquered, it belongs to player but you can’t control its units or building (except for active bonus). Remember, the tribe is your ####### not your civ.

Camps through Ages:
Camps will evolve with its conqueror. This mean that just once the owner player reach an age, then his ####### will start research the new age in its TC’s.
With each new age guards will become stronger.

The bonuses:
Each ###### will give you 2 bonuses, one pasive and one active.
Pasive, it depends of the tribe’s civ and is always the same, like a team bonus. It could go from free trickle of a resource, flat stats buffs like +1 attack to cavalry (Malians), +1 attack to archers (Britons), etc.
Active bonus is the posibility of train the tribe UU in the TC at normal cost and Castle TT.

The goal with all this is add points of interest in the map besides the extra resources and relics, and give alternatives of growing up through the match.



I think you said v@$$@l$ in your post, but I’m not sure, because of the censor. That is my biggest thought.

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Aoe3 ideas dont work well in aoe2.


As with many such transformative ideas, I will continue to say:
Sounds like great fun in the scenario editor*
Sounds like a train wreck if you try to apply it to the base game.

I’ve made scenarios that emphasize both sides of this (you are either the lord who protects/receives tribute from serfs, or you are a minor noble subject to a great lord, and can win promotions/domains through combat). Lotta fun.


Im in general not a big fan of these gameplay ideas that reinvent the wheel. At least not for ranked Play.
For campaign or a mod though I Like it.

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Too reductionist analysis, with all respect. There are others shared features that work well in both games… You don’t even make the effort…

Right, that is the censored word.

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For a new game mode, sure, why not? I’d try it


It would be cool to be able to get resources/unique units from defeated opponents especially in bigger games where it be more impactful. It can also be like Rise of Nations where you capture settlements by reducing their hit points by 95 percent.