New feature: Upgrade skipping

i could imagine a future civ bonus like: technologies from previous ages research 100% faster. wouldn’t be super strong, but I’m against introducing this for all civs

being able to queue techs could be a minor quality of life improvement


Yeah that would be a nice quality of life feature tbh to just save some mental space and time

Honestly, that doesn’t sound like a good idea because to do upgrade skipping makes the game too fast and boring and it also doesn’t make sense history-wise either.

I more than upgrade skiping would prefer creation in batch…

No thanks to either.

Hey at least mine doesn’t break the game, or at least not quite xd…

Yeah…okay…im not sure how you can honestly think batch training wouldnt require a complete revamp.

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Easy, each unit would continue to cost the same, but doing the sum for each unit you are going to create in the batch, similar to how it happens in aoe 3, but I think about how not to try to break the economy of the game…

Or how about this. Just don’t use batch training

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It happens that as I am used to aoe 3, then the other aoe I feel very slow and cumbersome …

And yet aoe2 fans prefer aoe2 thr way it is. Look at how beloved the revolution style mechanics are…oh wait…

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While I disagree with the idea, it’s nice to see a Pathologic fan out there.

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Ok ok I understand your point…but as you manage to give more variety to a game of more than 23 years without taking mechanics from other games in the saga or the rts games in general?..

Not really a fan of the other mechanics they have been bringing in either. They are either broken and need nerfs or weak and need buffs and cause complications all around.

Yes, it can be… is what has to transfer mechanics of games so different from each other, for example the American and African civs of aoe 3 take a lot of those of aoe 2, and feels very inferior with respect to Asian and European civs … and with respect to African civilizations occupy more space than European ones, then the maps of aoe 3 are too small and you feel claustrophobic…

I don’t like the idea is skip but I like the idea of put the next upgrade in queue, so when the first tech finish the second one will start researching right after

New Feature: type “aegis” in chat to have all researches, upgrades, unit creations, and resource gathering done instantly.

Time is a resource and part of the cost of the Tech, this game is balanced all around it.

I can give the reverse suggestion for you to think about: remove the cost of all techs, move all of them to University (feudal building now) and they just cost Time now.

Now players can focus on using their resources all on armies and have to adapt what they are researching on the university to counter the enemy.

Just play death match if you don’t want to wait for upgrades. Then you can spam Paladin in the first minute of the game

Upgrade skipping doesnt seem right to me, but being able to already queue the next tech during the previous resource, that should be fine (and these tech will be cancelled if you cancel the first tech).

Extreme example: You are in the imperial age and you find out you forgot all farm upgrades. As result you queue Horse callar, then Haevy plow and crop rotation all together. If you then cancel horse collar, then also the other two will be cancelled. If you cancel Heavy plow, then also crop rotation will be cancelled.

The same should be possible with military techs.

So research time will be the same. Cost will be the same. You still have to queue all techs. But you can do it all at once, instead of having to wait untill the previous upgrade is done.