New Features in-game

So, I was thinking: If this game wont be juuust a remaster, why not add some nice new features?

I do realise that it would be a pain in the *ss to program, optimize and balance all of this, but hey, my job here is being creative :smiley:

Here are a few suggestions:

-Unique buildings and units for each civilization: AOE2 style, only better. It would add both competitiveness and historical accuracy. Say, give the Romans a “Field of Mars” where they can train Legionaries and Triarii (the latter would be a spearmen-type elite unit), give the Assyrians Zigurats, to train High Priests (priests with some sort of bonus) and Assyrian Noble Archers, give the Persians some sort of Median Stronghold, where they can train Immortals and Imperial Cataphracts, and so on.

  • ADD LAND TRADE. Pls :slight_smile:

-Add more skins and animations for each type of unit, so that they match their culture. For example: Hellenistic Hoplites should look like the classical hoplite, while Carthaginean and Phoenician hoplites should have a more desertic and light look.

  • Add more siege engines: Battering rams and Siege towers should sufice.

-Add Gates. I always found quite weird to have to demolish a section of the wall to pass through it, only to rebuild it once my men are out.

-BALANCE SIEGE UNITS. This was a mistake in both AoE3 and the first AoE: You could literally steamroll people with tons of catapults (cannons in AoE3). Each unit should have its strenghts and weaknesses.

  • Make visual adaptations to Technological Advancement of the civs, for example: Once a Civ enters the Bronze Age, or if it researches say, “Bronze Weapons”, all Axemen units, which had Stone Axes, should now have them made of bronze (Like in AoM).

  • Add a Castle/Fortress - type unit. I dunno how this could be implemented in AoE1, but it would be awesome (and it could combo with my first suggestion, in case making a unique building for each civ proves to bem too complicated).

  • I think this have already been talked about here, but still: A unit count limit of at least 200 per player.

There you go, any opinions?

I disagree with all of your proposals but I would like to see some extra options like an observer mod or recording game

I hope they give us better map editor and ability to mod AoE.
This way, you could satisfy WAAAY bigger audience than anything devs come up with while remastring.
I think this would be a win-win situation for both sides since fans would be happy, plus game devs would receive more money due to popularity and increased audience.
So modabilty is key.

I agree with land trade simply for balance and map consistency reasons. Other than that I don’t think we should mess with the game too much. This is supposed to be aoe1 after all. Much better to focus on quality of life features to make classic aoe1 gameplay feel as good as humanly possible.

I always wished for AoE to be able to build bridges over water.

But I also know this will be a pain in the ■■■, pathfinding-algorythm-wise. But hey! Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I find the lack of land trade to be historically inaccurate and a worth while addition. Would help perhaps with balance, but more so would be a major Quality of life boon.

@BoU said:
I disagree with all of your proposals but I would like to see some extra options like an observer mod or recording game

I agree to your disagreement.

As for these creative ideas, what you are describing already exist, for the most part, it’s called AOE2 HD.
Furthermore, I think you should be asking for some kind of mod-compatibility, where ideas like this can be worked out in a mod, and downloaded via a Steam-Workshop or something.