New Feudal technology idea

Everyone’s always talking about how crappy infantry are, especially in the Feudal Age. Well, I thought of a new technology available at the Barracks in the Feudal Age that might help to rectify that:

Training Dummies (name subject to change)

It costs 75 food and 50 wood. It makes infantry attack 15% faster. I feel like it might actually have a noticeable impact in the Feudal Age. Of course, the Japanese wouldn’t have access to it, having a bonus that’s much better.

Wont that make everybody similar to japanese same as feudal squires making everyone celts?

Some civs won’t have it, and it’s also only 15% instead of 33%. Plus, they have to pay for it and wait for it to research. So no, the Japanese would still have an advantage.

Not useful at all.
Infantry are weak in feudal because they are the slowest military unit that can’t catch anything but can’t run from anything either. Not to mention that food is the most valuable resources in early game.
Only if they lower the food cost, anything else wont make infantry as good as other units


Well, it was worth a try at least.

I don’t like it as a Feudal age tech. Worst, costing more food. But is a good idea for a castle age tech, to pair the RoF of knights and available onlys for a few civs.

everyday another post about how we can supposedly ‘fix’ infantry

This reminds me of that guy who claimed that in this forum every new idea is rejected. It figures. But don’t worry, Apocalypso4826, I like your idea.

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