New flags

in the original game I had fun progressing through home cities and choosing cards during level up, now we just improve the aesthetics of the home city, though some are funny “This is my pet rat plaguie”. Some civilations can’t customise the home city at all.

I think there are plenty of replacment flags that would be historically relevant. And have a (visual) effect in game.

For example the Germans could have the Prussian flag and the British could have the blue ensign (the predecessor of the New Zealand, Australian, and Fiji Flags).


I think that if you can choose a flag in the USA civ Home City, this should be an option for every Home City.

The French HC could be decorated with Revolutionary Flags, the Spanish HC with the Charles III flag (similar to the present one), the British HC with the flag of England, etc.

Not just the home city, i’m thinking the flags on your buildings and ships too.

If for whatever reason it would be possible it should only be the flags of the country the people group is based on and not be too different from the original or well known.

Prussia ≠ HRE


I totally agree with you! and how can the new civs have this aesthetics but not some old ones like all the natives!

Or the Asian civs.

New flags in’t a big thing but it would be. nice.