New forum format


So from what I can see our forum just got a new refurbishment? And I gotta say, it doesn’t look good. Unless if it is still a work in progress, but if not it is way less convenient and nice compared to the previous version…


Too many useless things.


It reset my rank and Everything. This sucks. Who’s idea was this? the design is terrible.


Wow this new format is terrible. Just imagine if the effort was instead spent on improving Age of Empires DE!


Can’t say i like it that much either but at least it’s a change, something’s happening, someone still cares for this place. And that’s good.
Now what’s left is to give us a few hours of footage from AoeIV and we will love this new format even more.

Also it has many more smiley faces and emoticons and that’s as good as eating a good :cut_of_meat: or a yummy :pizza: lol which make me feel :scream: :man_cartwheeling: now excuse me because the :phone: rings see you at :clock130: after i take my :pill: and watch some :tv: .
It is not as :poop: as you think. or is it :grey_question: lol


Everyone, what specifically you do not like about the new forum format and how would you change it?

The forums launched Friday and are a work in progress. The team is open to suggestions.


I don’t mind the new design, will get used to that. Problem is there are a lot of bugs.


Yesterday I could not post images, maybe today can. Let’s try it again.

Sometimes links still give this. Cleared all cookies already.

Or this.


Okay, posting images seems to work fine now.


Besides the bugs with images and links are there any other specific bugs you are seeing with the new forums?


Old post with BB code are not showing correctly.

I created table in that post and now when i look at it the BB code table it is showing | marks and not producing the excel type table it was showing before forum update.


Some special characters appear wrongly written.

don't appear as don’t. ' is replaced by ’

Other characters that have not been encoded correctly are:
€ ‚ ƒ „ … † ‡ ˆ ‰ Š ‹ Œ Ž ‘ ’ “ ” • – — ˜ ™ š › œ ž Ÿ

For more information about the problem:


Well, the first few days it was hard to get on the new forum, but that seems to be solved like issues with links and posting pictures. Current forum design is much more a responsive design. GJ.


Fixed it. There was an extra | character at the end of the first line for each table.
More information on Markdown tables for Discourse forums here:


Is the new forum why I can’t log in with my normal email address? The one I always used before? I tried to log in tonight, but it forced me to register a new email address like I’ve never existed in the systems before.

Now I apparently have two forum logins, and I have no idea how to access the first one. When I try to change the email address of my newly registered login to the one I had before, it won’t let me – says the other email address is already in use. Brilliant…

Logging into the forums has always been pretty painful; tonight it was somehow worse. The whole link-up to the MSN/Outlook account is highly undesirable. Just let us have a login for this forum.


Hello Darkness my old friend. Yes there is an issue preventing some users from logging into the new forums. The team is aware of the issue and I hope there will be a fix soon.


Relic’s previous forum was terrible, but this new ‘endless scroll’ format takes the cake; this is almost certainly the worst forum software I have ever seen.


Every forum software has its pros and cons.

The current forum software is actually a big improvement over the old one. My favorite is being able to easily stay up to date with the latest posts with a latest post filter and email notifications.


Is a mess, less friendly and more chaotic.