New gameplay change conjecture for the game "Divine Victory"

The number of holy places in the map is adjusted to one, and the number of holy objects is adjusted to one, and the life of monks who have obtained holy objects is greatly increased. After picking up holy objects, they need to bring them back to the temple for “purification” before they can be placed in the holy place, which starts the countdown to victory. In order to prevent the picked holy objects from being maliciously hidden, the effective time after acquiring holy objects can be increased. Within a limited period of time, the relic must be “purified” and placed in the holy place, otherwise the relic will disappear and create a new relic in the map or a certain amount of gold will be consumed to maintain the sacred property. After placing the relic in the holy place, the relic can be picked up by the enemy monks and taken back to the temple to be “purified” and placed in the holy place again