Ok, yesterday we got a lot of footage of age 4 GAMEPLAY , please REMIND this images are in 720p + forums compression doesn’t help at all, so everyone sorry for blurry pics , the game doesn’t look like this and keep in mind that graphics and lighting have been improved a lot.

Let’s start!


Damm sorry for blurry screenshots hahah, well in this image we can see a lot of things…

House of wisdom description: Technology Building, Land Mark

We can see a lot of of upgrades and that stuff , the thing me and the Bois in discord have seen is that around the house of wisdom nearby buildings are affected by the house.


We can see camels , some abbasids lancers and not much…


Wow naval looks much better , I like it. It looks smooth…
One thing I like is that the name of the ship is Hulk and you know the best? Hulk is a real boat hahaha , we can see too the range of the attack , pretty interesting…

And now we can see more fighting escene , sorry again for blurry pics Bois.

Leave in the comments your thoughts , I’m reading all of them


There is also a 4k video. age of empires starts at 37:53

How do you think the range of attacks works?

What do you think are the gold lines in the top right?

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I saw that in fan preview , when mongols visit an un explored part of the map… could be that haha

it may very well be how fog of war gets “removed” in this game- fitting the generral documentary theme like ghost builders etc with golden outlines :wink:

Yeah, in other shots you can clearly see the golden lines as outlines for buildings that aren’t completely revealed yet from the fog of war.

with the lines here showing that also seems to apply to environment, at least to some degree

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