New generic technologies

archery range, tech in castle age or later for increased foot archer speed by 10%

siege workshop, tech in castle for +1 pierce armor for mangonel, scorps and bbc

tech for scorps, increases slightly projectile speed and attack bonuses vs elephants, buildings and rams

tech for bbc imperial age, increases by .25 tiles the blast radius

tech for mills, tech in castle age, increasing farming speed by 10%

tech for castle castle age, castles and towers increase damage vs rams

tech for stable, castle age or later, improves camels

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  • already in castle age. Cav archers. Many civs get them. Plus, this is a Mayans nerf.
  • seige already have ridiculous pierce armor and BBC FAR outrange archer units.
  • why though? Mass scorps are already OP (albeit rare) and bonuses are never worth it for a few units.
  • make a 2nd BBC?
  • exists. Hand cart.
  • already unique tech. Besides, hard no. Castles are already too much an investment to take down in castle age. Don’t make it harder.
  • heavy camel, scale barding, husbandry, blast furnace, bloodlines… needs more? It’s a situational unit, they don’t need new buffs to make them better or viable. Would just mess with existing balance.