New gimick for new Dawn of Dukes civs

I’m not going into who the new civs are going to be, but I thought of something interesting that could be a civ bonus (or team bonus) for them which I call the “Rogue from x-men bonus” or the “chameleon bonus” (name needs work).

Basically, this bonus would be “Receives the team bonus of one of the enemy civilizations at random.

This would mean, for example that, if matched against Teutons, they receive more resistance conversion, if matched against Berbers they can create Genitours, if matched against Incas they build farms 100% faster.


  1. it would have to be random, especially on team games (ie the player cannot choose which civ bonus they choose;
  2. it could be apply to all enemy civs;
  3. in the case that the enemy civ is Portuguese (free cartography for the whole team), they would not their enemy’s scouting or vision nor would the player’s allies get carto, but they would get carto as if they built a market.
  4. if they are mirror matched, the civ’s team bonus does not stack;
  5. in a team game when matched against one enemy mirror, they may get their civ’s team bonus assigned and, since it does not stack, they may get nothing.

This would be a completely random “wild card” that adds a little bit of chaos to the game.


not really a fan of it.


DE definitely needs more 'gimmicks"


Interesting but you couldn’t have a meta for a civ like that so I’d guess it’d be uncomfortable to play for most. Some games you might have more berry collection speed from Frank’s, some the better rate of fire of Ethiopians, maybe the extra vills of Chinese or Mayans and then you’ll have a game with the Chinese extra health on demo ships. Obviously predetermined bonuses based off civs is probably the best way to go so for each civ it’s always the same specific but the question is why bother there’s probably a different angle to approach a new civ from and really I can’t think of a civilisation that you could match this to.

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Please no more gimmicks. I don’t want the game to turn into AoE3 or WC3.

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too hard to balance and not an aoe2-like bonus

I agree, that’s why I think it should just be for team bonuses. I feel they would not be as OP for any one civ to have one more of.