New GOT scenario

I posted a new scenario last night. It’s called GOT A Khaleesi’s Journey. It’s sort of a what if Khal Drogo didn’t die single player scenario. It’s a very long and in depth scenario featuring all of Westeros and a large portion of Western essos. You start with Daenerys, Khal Drogo and their Khalasar in Vaes Dothrak just after Khal Drogo promises to take the iron throne for Daenerys. I would like some people to try it out and give me any suggestions or let me know if I left anything out. Play as the Dothraki (an all cavalry civ), discover 20+ heroes (many of which come with perks or the ability to create bonus units), unite the Dothraki under one Khal, conquer western Essos, take back the 7 kingdoms and defeat the Night King and Army of the dead.


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