New Hardest AI Difficulty

I literally made an account for the forum just so that I could provide this feedback and chip in to this conversation. This new AI hardest is ridiculous!! I don’t understand how this was ever considered a good idea by the devs? What the heck? The gap between hard and hardest now is monumental!
At the very least give us back the old AI Hardest and call this insane hardest new AI something else. Even better, scale back this new AI so it’s harder than the current hardest but not like 10x harder.
I’m very glad that every one else is basically saying the same thing but wanted to also put my two cents in


to be fair, while this is true, typically there’s a dedicated team for AI, maybe they’re a tad understaffed but i don’t work at relic so i can’t really know

Yeah. It kind of feels like “You want a hardest AI? We’ll give you a hardest AI!” Instead of actually trying to fix the problem. They have to know how hard it is. Maybe they thought that we would be happy if there was something so difficult that we couldn’t beat it? Who knows.


its more like relic per usual, this isn’t the first time they pulled the 2x gather rate on hardest card

Wasn’t Eliot the best player they had, and he was gold?

They had some other guy that was much better. Don’t think he was ever on the streams. Trying to remember his name.

People in bronze league who are scared to play against real players could at least get civ mastering achievements. I wonder how they are supposed to win the cheater ai?

Implementing different profiles for the AI could be a nice improvement, like it was for AOM:

  • Standard: Tries to balance all aspects of the game. Changes strategy to meet the needs of the moment.
  • Attacker: Goes for several quick, early attacks, but is weaker in later ages due to less emphasis on economy/tech
  • Defender: Walls and/or towers up quick and early. Only tends to do so in their immediate area, however, and their attention doesn’t go far beyond immediate defense.
  • Conqueror: Focuses almost entirely on advancing until later ages, then builds a huge, powerful army and tries to wrap the game up.
  • Protector: Walls/Towers off their entire section of the map, also focuses of improving walls and towers for maximum defense; leaves attacking to other players.
  • Builder: Plays the game like Sim City, focuses almost entirely on economy. Can easily build and conquer in later ages, but is extremely vulnerable to rushes.

Like this:
Age of Empires IV - How to Easily Beat the Cheating Hardest AI for Masteries - YouTube

LOL. I had the same idea, but that is a quite optimized version of what I did.

Anyway, very hard ai should be a role model for players in lower leagues of how to play to get reasonable basic gameplay. Giving cheats to it makes it useless from educational point. Cheater AI seem like the right name for it, similar what we had in sc2. There were two cheats the AI could employ - resources and vision. The AI which cheated both was called Insane AI, but I don’t care about exact naming, otherwise it should be marked differently from AIs humans can try replicate in their learning.

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Old Hardest was something else.I had to play simcity for 15 minutes to get AI slightly challenging.AI’s first clown attack came at 12 minutes if it was an aggressive civ.

Apart from this unrealistic mass army early rush in this new patch,i find improvements barely noticable.

For a year we complained in forums/reddit about how hardest ai was a joke.Beasty put the nail in the coffin by making the AI tournament so everyone could get a free dunk on AI.

If i had to choose between old dumb hardest and cheating dumb hardest,give me the cheating one any day.

Hello everyone,
do we have news from the devs about fixing it ?

because it’s actually quite impossible to finish the masteries with the civilisations…

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See my post 3 posts above yours.

The cheating AI is even dumber in post feudal age than the original hardest AI.

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I have the impression that the hard AI is worth than before so it’s impossible to switch back to it meanwhile they fix the hardest . To play against the hard AI makes realy no fun anymore I have the impression that they produce much less villagers (military) than they have done before.

I haven’t seen the AI acts more dumber than before as it was already mariana trench low.

There was not a single improvement but bugfixing mentioned in patch notes since the release of the game regarding middle or late game.

There is a huge list of AI improvements in this patch, and there have been lists in other patches. They have not been limited to only early game improvements. They are all small improvements though.

even small improvements eventually add up, but ofc more work is needed, much more

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also, bit unrelated, i noticed in multiple interviews how every single time campaign issues are brought up, the tried and true defence is always we have high production value documentaries for narrative, they cost, so as such we do put a lot of priority to campaign
and while its not wrong what they say, its ultimately their scape goat to dodge any uncomfortable discussion on campaign gameplay

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I love the documentaries they did, but do worry about them drastically increasing the costs of creating campaigns.

I would be fine with getting new campaigns that did not have that, although the inconsistency would be a little annoying.

They could also do something like one off historical battle missions. There are tons of those that could be added.