New Hotkey: after selecting a group, tap to select next unit within that group, repeat to cycle within current selected group

Title says it all, I’d appreciate this one allot.
This will increase the amount of micro possible for all types of units for all skill levels :kissing_heart:

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This would make it too easy to use monks. Monks are supposed to be very hard to control, else they are overpowered mainly because of their incredible range.


I also thought that a hotkey like that would make this game better for all and suggested it a long time ago already. I’m also curious how the community thinks about this hotkey now. Some feared that it would favor monk rushing too much.

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It would also make it easier for units like palladins when attempting to get each one to attack specific units while charging, ranged units to help focus down with a certain amount of arrows per enemy unit, monks of course, and pretty much all other unit types - with specific micro being the clicking of individual units as usual, while this takes care of the broad sense of the whole ordeal.

Most high level players do extreme well with monks already. If you have the specific research option (theocracy) you can already use a group of monks and shift right click them a number of times on different targets (after conversion only one monk needs to restore faith). But it’s not that efficient as it does take a certain amount of time per conversion which also depends on some other upgrades. If you do it that way, you probably lose all your monks and succeeded conversions. So most players select all monks by doubleclick or drag, then CTRL + click on one of your selected units in the selected units UI part at the bottom of the screen and right click your (next) target. Keep doing this until all your monks are targeting different units. So although I personally also like your suggestion, I don’t see it coming yet. Imagine a player like viper using this, better not :smile:
At least adding something like this should be tested by them thoroughly if it doesn’t change the feeling of the game too much. I think they are on a sweet spot a the moment already. Monk rushes these days are about relics. Love to watch them.

This idea could be considered if range and conversion time of monks would be nerfed :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d imagine that it’d reduce the micro skill gap, rather than increase it.

Personally, I’d use it for my healing fortress mainly (29 teutonic knights, 21 hand canoneers, 10 monks, square formation, stand ground) it’s a pain to hotkey all 10 monks to each individual number on the numpad side and far too time consuming

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Not reduce but extend it. KB-warriors will use it more than players who hardly will touch the keyboard, so they benefit more. Imagine you can micro units while combining it with the stances and/or follow command. E.g. have two skirmishers follow another unit on defensive stance, their main focus will be protecting that other unit. If you double click your monks and then control click in the unit selection bar below the screen and measure that again using a hotkey. So actually what you want to do is possible, but only using your ctrl-click versus right-click skills and not using the keyboard.

To be exact, it would increase the skill level of higher ranking players, and the mid range gap between mid to high level players would be reduced overall (the ones who have a hotkey setup memorized) while those who don’t use hotkeys, yeah, they’d be out of luck just as much since they sometimes don’t even use the idle vill hotkey(not quite as useful as HD days and before, before the auto-seed became a thing, but still a basic hotkey, especially when booming, alongside the one to go to the next town center those used to be my only two hotkeys for a while :joy:)

also, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll test it out when I can get a new computer, I’ve been dreaming of age but not being able to play it for too long, looking forward to getting back on to continue the Tuetonic Healing Fortress and CO legacy

Speaking of which: