New idea for the Main Menu

(Please let me know in the comments if this type of thread goes somewhere else, I couldn’t find any better thread than “Discussion”)

I had a few ideas of my own for the main menu:

  1. Rather than flat buttons, each button can have their own logo, just how the old AOE2 had, the new one being very minimalistic and good in its own ways, the logos would add a taste to the overall experience and feel of each option(just how each in-game menu items(like settings, diplomacy) has).

  2. Despite the options being stitched to a 2D flat rectangle ribbon(the vertical big one), the menu options can be etched to the wall behind it, giving it more feeling of the depth (just how this game gives us a feel of the depth though it’s 2D) now combined with idea#1, this would give starting the game a good experience.

  3. (Optional)Some less-used main menu option like “Mixer” can be attached to some other building.

Besides, the game is beautiful as ever, and is fun playing, Shout out to the devs for constantly improving it!

Maybe HD Main Menu Background would interest you?
I think, that you can learn from that mod how to create your own main menu mod, like you want.

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Does that mod work well? Never tried that one.

I also haven’t tried. Try it if you’re interested.