New Idea of Upcoming AoM

How about a new DE version with a campaign called rise of Gods.

The campaigns will feature the stories of Set vs Osiris in the Egyptian campaign, Ares vs Athena in the Greek, and Thor vs Loki just like Gaia vs Kronos campaign. But this time it includes the playable God’s with the special effects in the theatrics. Based on not only the mythology but also history where the Athenians who mostly worshipped Athena went to war with Spartans that worshipped Ares.

While the traditional campaign did Isis vs Set, this can be about before Osiris is cut up and distributed around the land.

I feel it’s only the natural order after we had the mythological creatures, and then the Titans!

We can even have a campaign of Greek gods vs the titan gods also like in mythology.

New civs can include the zoroastrians, vaidika dharma (ancient Hinduism), the ancient religion of Mesopotamia and the pagan Romans.


By God, Sir, I like the cut of your jib.

They should hire you to work on this.

Why not run a fan campaign called Rise of the Gods?