New Ideas and Balance Changes Ideas for Sometime

I made these ideas long time ago, but I didn’t post them as soon as possible, and forsooth, the next patch mainly about buffs and nerfs for some civilizations seem already revealed. However, I still want to post these ideas although WE HAVE TO SEE HOW THE NEXT PATCH WILL BE GOING, so I revised certain ideas based on the next patch, especially Hindustanis. Keep in mind, these ideas can be debatable, arguably bad, so so, and so on.

My New Ideas and Balance Changes for Some Civilizations


  • Bombard Towers deal +10 damage against rams and trebuchets (they still two hits kill a packed trebuchet, but they do more damage against an unpacked trebuchet)
  • Thumb Ring, archers fire faster with better accuracy up to 97% (except War Wagon and Genoese Crossbowman which already have 100% accuracy)
  • Hussars -5 HP (I consider them as the best unit in the game. They still get killed by halberdiers in 3 hits)
  • Winged Hussars -5 HP
  • Husbandry costs 200f (to offset archers’ nerf)


  • Paiks, land units costing gold (excluding mangonel, scorpion, and trebuchet) attack 20% faster
  • Ratha and the elite version have 1.9 rate of fire


  • Units within 4 LoS of monastery are healed up (bad)


  • Sheperds work 15% faster (making them slightly harder to afford archer upgrades)


  • Stronghold affects town center
  • Elite Woad Raiders get +1 pierce armor or +5 HP


  • Trees last 20% longer


  • Castles cost -20% stone
  • Throwing Axeman costs 60f & 25g (they kill almost all infantry efficiently and have better results against counter units than most infantry UU can do)


  • Ghulam costs 45f & 35g
  • Ghulams’ bonus damage against archer reduced to 2/4
  • Ghulams’ bonus damage against eagle warrior reduced to 1/2
  • Camel riders attack 20% faster


  • Starting llama removed
  • Crop Rotation removed
  • Farms built 50% faster, yield -50% resources, cost 50% cheaper (a promising economy bonus when upgrades are researched, reflecting Inca famous terraced farm)


  • Deer and boars last 15% longer (can be for between Goths and Magyars, but I prefer for Magyars due to their history)
  • Scout cavalry, light cavalry, hussar cost 10% cheaper (if the previous idea belongs to Magyars)
  • Units kill wolves in one strike


  • Folwarks immediately collect 11% of food from nearby exhausted farms
  • Stone miners generate 36% of gold out of the stone collected


  • Infantry inflict 3 area damage when dying
  • Land units (except siege weapons) take 10% less damage in Dark Age, 20% less damage in Feudal Age, 30% less damage in Castle Age, 40% less damage in Imperial Age (later ages, better equipment)
  • Serjeants’ base attack increased to 6/9/12 (they, with Donjons, were primarily the civilization identity, but they are too costly for what they have or can do and suffer more just because of Hauberk Cavalier. Serjeants have low DPS and low speed, and almost all infantry UU cost effectively against them, even Obuch wins 1v1)
  • First Crusade makes each town center (max 5) spawn 5 Serjeants; units are more resistant to conversion (to offset the previous idea)
  • Hauberk gives cavalry +1/+1 armor, costs 750f & 600g (optional)


  • Boyar (non-elite version) get +1 melee armor
  • Detinets replaces 33% stone cost of towers and castles with wood
  • Military buildings, including castles, provide +5 population capacity
  • Arrowslits added


  • Skirmishers (including Genitours) deal +1 damage to mounted units in Castle Age, +2 damage in Imperial Age. This reflects Javelin Almogavar to counter mounted units.


  • Rattan Archers HP reduced to 35/40
  • Foot archers (including skirmishers) get 20% more HP
  • Paper Money costs 600w & 300g (better 500w & 250g)


  • Berserkergang costs 450f & 800g, affects all infantry (same rate for berserkers, very slow rate for other infantry)

Sorry that I can’t speak English properly. Honestly, I really want Malay to get buffed. After all, thanks for replying and having such a great discussion.


why? BBT shouldn’t be able to counter everything?

i see what you’re getting at here but about the only thing i even potentially agree with is the husbandry side.

yay more aura effects. thanks but no.

the goal should be to nerf britons in team games, not 1v1. furthermore this nerf is so small it would be negligible.

don’t really need this.

do you really think castles costing an additional 30ish stone is going to have any real impact?

why would you nerf their bonus against archers? that’s what they are supposed to be good against.

the difference is so small that this would be negligible.

no thanks, not only is this an early game nerf, but cheaper farms already belongs to another civ.

really think this is mostly useless and also not a good idea.

this makes the bonus mostly useless until castle age.

this is actually okay.

this is okay.

why? the unit doesn’t need buffs

why? the tech and the civ aren’t overbearing.

why does castles need to be added to it?

again why does this need to change? nobody really relies on towers as is, especially as slavs. this feels like a useless addition.

skirmishers are still going to be utterly useless against cavalry, so this change feels wasted.

why? are vietnamese overperforming? why do rattans need nerfs?

they just need to swap this to castle age and remove the gold cost.


Umm why? Are Hussars considered overpowered? Like there might be a slight case against their upgrade cost but the unit itself is perfectly balanced.

That bonus isn’t even that good lol. The 20% faster ranges and combination of free range bonus makes them ridiculous.

This doesn’t solve anything. Their eco bonus is underwhelming IMO.


Personally, Burmese problems are elsewhere. they don’t really have any good go to units for 1v1/open maps, and their anti archer abilities are awful.

Moreso just inconvenient, as their monk + siege play is still very strong, but if you don’t hit your shots with mangonels, you’re gonna cry. Manipur cavalry alleviates that a little bit at least.

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this should be swapped to castle age. makes more sense too. your castle age ut shores up your archer weakness and your imp ut makes your elephants behemoths.


Most of these ideas don’t sound good. At all.
Exceptions are:

  • Incas: Farms built 50% faster, yield -50% resources, cost 50% cheaper (sounds fun and useful)
  • Magyars: All Units kill wolves in one strike (sounds useful)
  • Berserkergang affects all infantry (sounds fun)

BTW that you’re proposing this for Magyars (as a meaningful buff) stresses just how much Mayans need a proper nerf. Either completely losing one of their civ bonuses or losing access to some archer armour blacksmith upgrades.

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They don’t, but why not? It’s strange that artillery does worse against rams or trebuchet than arrows.

Hussars are the best unit in the game. They have speed, fair pierce armor, kill regular infantry and some infantry unique units.

Yes, small impact matters

It’s early eco buffs, Incas players can afford farms in early game. After upgrades are researched, the value is good. Incas were well known for their farms

It’s useful in melee combat, what else can do to buff infantry civs with almost nothing useful supporting infantry bonus?

That answers the next patch nerfs. Their feudal archer and scout rush are very good. 40% is better than 33%

Why not? Inquisition is useless as well

It reflects Javelin Almogavar to counter cavalry. Spanish and Portuguese themselves also used Genitours or Jinete. It seems useless against melee cavalry, but it helps a little especially against cav archers or camel riders

No, it’s buff for them. Rattans will have 42 HP and 48 HP for the elite version

They can’t. All elephants upgrades in Rise of Rajas are castle age upgrades. Of course, except the Malay one

Dont ever visit Canada…

Burmese need Arambai buffs and 2nd archer armor. Monastery healing won’t make them any better. Dravidians need mobility, not more wood.

Don’t get me wrong. Their eco bonus is fairly good. Their transition is just very awful. Their ranged units are bad, their cavalry isn’t good either

They don’t. Champions can also just be mixed with halbs if the Hussar spam is overbearing. Also calling it the best unit in the game is silly

It’s whatever. Unlike other free eco bonuses, the first and second wood upgrades are picked as soon as we hit the respective ages. So yeah you get the wood upgrades slightly faster and for free but it’s no Viking or Bohemian or Frank eco bonus which you benefit right from age up while other civs wait on it because of idling/using resources for troops

because at one point BBT did do bonus damage to rams, and basically BBTs were a nightmare to deal with.

not cost effectively they don’t. nor supply effectively.

you’re costing them MAYBE 1 extra castle over the course of a game, and that assumes it reaches late game. this is going to do NOTHING for the dominance you see of Franks on ladder.

not really. you lose the dark age extra 100 food from a sheep to start with.
then yes, your farms are cheaper (in theory) but they have HALF the food, so you’re gonna have to reseed them.

and that’s the point - you’re making their farms worse in the early game, but better in the late game. Incas don’t need late game focused buffs, if they need to be better anywhere, it’s during the early game.

well first of all, Infantry is a support unit, and second of all, the units used most to murder infantry are archers, which means that bonus damage is not going to do much there. it will be better against cavalry obviously (though not much), but Sicilians doesn’t really need help there. Also can’t really think of any historical reason for this bonus.

i’ll take 33% across the board over your staggered bonus that only is useful in castle age and imp.
and Sicilians winrate is actually at its WORST during the early game, so i’m not sure why you think their feudal archer and scout rush is very good.

just because something else is useless doesn’t mean its a good idea to add other useless things, if anything it should be an incentive to NOT add useless bonuses.

but is it really going to help spanish be an honestly better civ? they already have fully upgraded elite skirms as is to fight against cav archers.

they don’t really need the buff either though.

look at how many precedents have been overturned in the past few years and tell my why they can’t? it makes more sense for elephant based unique techs to be imp anyway as its not really affordable to use elephants in castle age anyway. it would also help Vietnamese and Burmese a lot. you get a ut to help you against archers before archers become seriously problematic (imp) for Burmese, and for Vietnamese you get your wood generates gold ut when you actually still have plenty of wood out there and you can have plenty of wood choppers being efficient.

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I think people should set aside the Arambai first. How to get there is the first question mark

Because they dealt melee damage, not pierce damage. It obviously did massive damage against siege units

They cost efficiently since infantry are hard to mass, so many upgrades to tech, and don’t do better jobs as hussars do

What do you suggest to nerf Franks then? The berry bonus was already nerfed, the chivalry swap, or they are actually already fine?

Practically, they can add more farms and have more farmers working than other civs do. After the farms are exhausted, they reseed with the same half cost. The value is getting bigger after horse collar and heavy plow are researched. It’s absolutely early MID and late eco bonus as Mayans and Aztecs have. Your Teutons pseudo farm was actually fair enough to convince me.

So many stuffs don’t suit with historical reasons. It’s because they are Sicilians involving in crusade. Let their infantry have better results even not the best. Serjeants themselves are quite similar with Knight of Santiago in AoC starting from their weapon, crusade, average attack, high melee and pierce armor, speed, and conversion stuff, but Knight of Santiago has an ability to deal area damage of 5 when dying. Having 3 doesn’t seem really helpful against heavy cavalry, but it fairly helps against other infantry with bonuses. We just never get used to new stuffs, just like Coustilliers having charge attack or Leiciai with armor ignoring. Nobody thought Coustilliers after first bug fix were good, but then pros just realized how good they are.

In some changes, I didn’t merely buff or nerf, but I buffed something then nerfed another thing or vice versa.

Pros say they are one of the worst civ in 1v1 open map unless they they have 5 conqs running. It will more help them agaisnt archers civ as they lack crossbowmen and eco bonus since they can also use skirmishers to take out knights added with low armor more easily

so many people have been asking Manipur Cavalry to be swapped to the castle age. However, Manipur Cavalry cost was just reduced without being swapped. I just believe that it’s because all Elephants upgrades in Rise of Rajas are castle age UT. So to make Paper Money good enough is just make them cheaper.

It’s not a mere buff but a compensation. I suggested a nerf for their CA. Vietnamese had much better HC than Cavalry Archer

doesn’t matter. people need an answer to BBT that doesn’t include the word Trebuchet.

maybe unique units, but simple militia or pikes? not so much.

depends on what the job is.

remove the berry bonus all together.

provided you have the population to do so.

but again that’s already the teutons bonus.

the problem is its buff incas where they don’t need buffs.

but the civs are historically INFLUENCED. they don’t need to be accurate but they should at least be influenced. what’s the influence for infantry blowing up everything around them?

and they already have the crusade influence. first crusade.

they already have fully upgraded skirms to fight archers. not to mention they could also use their own perfectly viable knights. countering knights and archers is not the spanish problem.
and this isn’t really going to help them against knight + archer play. be real man. a whole 1 damage means that even against someone who mixes in a few knights without armor or bloodlines, they will kill them in 25 shots instead of 34. that isn’t gonna do crap.

just because they haven’t doesn’t mean they won’t. they might be setting up for a bigger patch down the road.

doesn’t matter - no real need for this change at all.

Thank you for the discussion. All mine seems empty like my mind

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No, we aren’t reducing the HP of Hussar and Winged Hussar because their HP is fine the way it is. Now the Malay need some buffs because they’re one of the most nerfed civs in the game. A buff that can be given to them is enable Hand Cannoneers for them.

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Tbh the bonus damage vs archers kind of makes them a more interesting huskarl. I kind of hate that