New infantry for civs with weak cavalry

Recently there has been a trend with civilizations with weak cavalry. Nothing wrong with it concept wise, but these civilizations more often than not struggle against siege and sometimes even monks. Even against archers, they make skirmishers, but when the enemy adds siege, they become useless. The clear solution is to give Bombard Cannons which counter siege.

Civilizations struggle to different degrees because of their technology trees:

  1. Armenians: perfect in mid game, but lack cavalry and siege options in late game
  2. Dravidian: usable, but not great, due to the wood discount on siege
  3. Koreans: may struggle before getting their BBC out, but can rely on towers
  4. Malay: Karambit Warriors in theory counter Monks, because they are very inefficient targets for conversion. They have BBC later on.

== Proposed solution ==

  • Eagle Scout renamed and reskinned to Scout, and given to all civilizations.
  • Eagle Warrior renamed and reskinned to Warrior, given to most civilizations.
  • Elite Eagle Warrior renamed to Eagle Warrior simply, retained by the three civilizations.
  • Eagle Scout (Scout) free buffs upon reaching to Castle Age removed, but Eagle Warrior (Warrior) upgrade costs less.

Adding a fast infantry unit will spice up the infantry play, while also making such civilizations viable against monks and siege. Civilizations without good cavalry usually have good infantry to play the melee role, and this is where the units fit in.

The biggest winner shall be Malay which have free armor upgrades for infantry, but lack second cavalry armor. Armenians may also be great with the units being available one Age earlier, and having +30 HP in late game. Notably Malians shall lack the Warrior imo since +2 pierce armor would be huge for a decent cavalry civilization.


Adding an “infantry” unit that’s really a cavalry unit in disguise doesn’t fix the issue.


Why won’t it? Doesn’t it solve the exact problem of countering monks and siege, while having decent pierce armor, speed, and conversion resistance?

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Why not a new fast infantry unit with Shrivamsha ability?

I would rather give it to a unique unit, not a generic unit for all civilizations

And even if we do that, how will that help against monks?

Because it ‘fixes’ it by doing exactly the thing you’re pretending not to do.

Slow civs are slow intentionally. That’s a feature, not a bug.


idk, this sounds like you are just playing cavalry civs in disguise, Sooo what’s the point?

I think they should add a new tech for infantry called “double time”. What it does is basically the same as zealot legs in Starcraft 2. It will boost infantry speed for a short period of time within 3 or 4 tileset . Cool down within 10 seconds. It should help infantry civs deal with cavalry much better.

Or just increase base movement speed of infantry across the board.