New interview in spanish

“Age of Empires IV nos descubre sus claves para atrapar a los fans de los videojuegos de estrategia - PC” Age of Empires IV nos descubre sus claves para atrapar a los fans de los videojuegos de estrategia - PC

I understand enough (cause i’m italian and many words are similar or the same) and there are some interesting info.
One thing which took my attention Is relating to a a possibile world Map in the same way Relic done for CoH3.
Duffy answered: it’s a a really Great feature. It’s a bit more Difficult (than COH3) try to adapt this to AOE4 gameplay and we’ll not see nothing about This really soon. But It’s a Great feature and i would like to see it in the future.

Nothing new, just them excusing having low graphics quality to play in Intel hd (not gaming ) PC…
Naval ships reduced un numbers.

A lot of negative comments btw, seems that they can’t fool people into its excuses for the Disney style…


Really Hope to see a GRAPHIC DLC at this point.

HEY HEY I SAW SOMETHING INTERESTING , i talk spanish so i can say :

“Podrás hacer lo que quieras con las herramientas de edición, nuevas skins, sonidos, nuevas animaciones, nuevos mapas, campañas, incluso nuevos videos para las campañas, si quieres. Realmente queremos mantener el juego abierto para que la gente pueda hacer lo que quiera. Probablemente veremos muchas cosas disparatadas aparecer en forma de mods”.

“You can do whatever you want with editing tools, new skins, sounds, new animations, new maps, campaigns, even new videos for campaigns, if you want. We really want to keep the game open so people can do whatever they want. We’ll probably see a lot of crazy stuff show up in the form of mods.”


Mods are coming at 2022 though.


Well at lest someone can mod the game and update those disgusting child graphics…


Don’t worry, first thing will be cube mode.


I speak spanish. The interviewer asks this and the dev says “that would be cool! but no”.

Obviamente pega con su fórmula, siempre y cuando llegaras al punto en el que establezcas la historia como era y dejaras que la gente explore lo que podría haber sido. Imagina un mundo con los mongoles invadiendo Londres (sonríe). No, no creo que lo veamos en AoE IV a corto plazo, pero es una idea genial e interesante. Definitivamente quiero ver a alguien hacer esa campaña".

So, we’ll not see soon but It could be a possibility for the future. This Is the Sense for me.

Totalmente de acuerdo!

Nothing new except thar dev saying the graphics are bad so it can run on Potato PCs.