New Lakota card broken op

The new Lakota card “seven councils” is broken. It is an age 4 card which ships 21 units, 7 of each infantry.

Those 21 units are worth 2030 resources. On top of that, you get all the champion level upgrades as well. So you get elite and champion cetan bowman, elite and champion upgrades for club warriors and champion wakina upgrade for free. Those 5 upgrades are worth 3x600 + 2x300 resources. It also saves the time to upgrade all those units. Especially players usually don’t do elite upgrades for cetan bows and clubs by themselves.

In total this one card is worth a whopping 4430 resources. Even heavy fortifications don’t give you so much resources at once. While also consider these infantry units are actually useful while heavy fortifications gives some upgrades which players won’t even ever do in a typical game. So these upgrades on infantry are much more useful.

A standard age 4 shipment should be around 1600 resources and this Lakota card is worth 4430. This is extra 3k resources! I think to balance things this card should be age 3 instead and upgrade infantry to elite. Or let them remain in age4 but no longer ship units.


I’m 100% with you. This card caught my eyes since the first time I saw it.
That card is far too generous: giving 21 units (over 1200f, ~500w, 280c) + researching 5 military techs at once (would need 3 buildings doing just that) + upgrading them for free (would be 1600w, 700c)is beyond powerful for one single card.

They should just make it a variant of African’s Hadeija Emirate and Sefari, which autommatically research the first upgrade for free and gives a big discount to the second one. Something like this:

Seven Councils

1. Delivers 7 of each infantry
2. Elite upgrade is free and it’s researched instantaneously
3. Legendary upgrade cost -100%/Legendary upgrade cost -50% (but you need to manually research them).

I really hate this “gotta go fast”/power creep cards and units. :unamused: :unamused:


i mean, anyone with a tiny smidgen of intelligence knew the card was broken op the moment they read the new effects. If it was the 21 units and cetan/bows upgraded to elite it would probably be fine. 3 guard upgrades instantly is wildly strong. Heck, if it shipped 0 units and instantly teched guard on all 3 it would be a decent card by itself


At least one of the effects has to go.

Or work similarly to Sefari

Sefari (III)
Elite Infantry upgrade is free and researched instantly; Champion Infantry upgrade cost and research time -50%; Legendary Infantry upgrade cost and research time -20%; Ships 5 Gascenya and Shotel Warriors; Costs 1,000 influence


Its a great card, im enjoying this while it last, had a build ready in the PUP lol

As for adjusting the card, I think giving elite + making the champion upgrade free is good enough

Like the vatican guard politician


Cards that buck the resource trends of 300, 700, 1000, 1600 are not inherently over powered. A lot of civs have a few cards like that. If Lakota couldn’t FI then this might not even be a problem as Lakota infantry are pretty weak compared to there cav. But I suspect this will have to be addressed at some point.


Alternatively, they could make the player pay like one or two thousand gold or something for it.

usually the max is about 1800 res (6 cuirs, 17 ruyters). Some civs get disappointment cards age 4 (6 musket riders :clown_face:). This card is more than double. I agree with above a coin cost to the shipment could tame the shipment without changing the effect, and keep costs/value in check