New Map Ideas

Would love to see real life countries, continents and full size earth map added to the game. As well as the option to make maps much much larger.


Since they’re adding maps from the older games, I’d like to see Arena and Socotra from AoE 2 some day. I know they’re available as mods but something official would be quite nice.

I miss good maps that mix land and water.

In AoE2:DE there were some cool maps in Real World style, with land and water, some names are: Italy, India, Indochina, Iberia, Central America, Straits of Malacca, West Africa, Amazonia, Byzantium, France, Middle East, Philippines , Nordic Lands.

I’d like to see something like that return.


Bummer… I was hoping this thread would be about making maps look more cool, with amped up graphics, fidelity, dynamic effects, color, flora/fauna, animations, lighting, terrain, and similar. Larger maps would be a good start