New map pool... Give me Ghost Lake back

I think after game, When we see result
Let me give feedback for game or maps and so on?

League of legend -> players evaluation
Aoe2 DE : Map evaluation, players evaluation

by doing so, we can get well played maps data.

anyway!!! give me Ghost Lake back!

It was the best aoe2 map!! for me…


For you and you only, i guess.

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for me too! :kissing_heart:

Ghostlake = staring on a white screen, dunno how someone can enjoy it. I would rather see arabia being more likely than ghostlake and its unfair sheep distribution coming back


I like ghost lake too.

Just give me old pool back.

I would love the maps if minimap would properly show snow as white, not green. Now all snow maps sucks due to minimap displaying them green. Very confusing in some situations, and worse orientation on minimap.

I believe this was a change took long ago to prevent confusion, minimap was harder to read in white

I miss Scandi and Oasis too. :frowning:

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It was changed so colorblind people could see better on minimap. However now there is option for colorblind mode, so I think there should be option to have white snow on minimap too :slight_smile: Everyone chooses variant which best fits for him.

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Change: white -> green
Are you sure?
Color blindness

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IT WAS A good map and it was fine with me , though not my favourite. I would like to see it again but I will not die if not…

It’s basically an inferior version of arabia in any way. Extra sheep spawn makes it more luck based, hills and not being able to place forward buildings often make it clunky and often very campy map.

you’re still free to play unranked games on Ghost Lake :slight_smile:

Hills are bad? One of my personal gripes about about the current map pool is that everything is so flat.

Add to that the fact that they made a new civ, the Tatars, literally get a bonus from hill advantage.

I liked Mongolia, Ghost Lake, and I even liked that Oasis was the most closed of the “Open” maps. I’d rather play Oasis over Black Forest pretty much every time. Especially map revealed Black Forest.