New Map Rotation WHOOPS

So, they screwed up the team game map rotation, we got none of the standard maps, no arabia, no arena, no nomad, etc. but we DID get every map that got voted on. LOL. I for one am totally ok with this, but I’m sure some people are about to LOSE IT.

So, what do you think? I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts…


Yep they messed it up

I think they should keep it, at the very least, it’ll make an interesting change.

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Honestly, kinda refreshing!

Also Arena…

This should be an error… I hope. If is not, this is the proof that devs never lisen the community.

Finally a good time to enjoy a map pool free of Mayans/Britons/Franks on Arabia at least lol.


They should do this more often to be honest. Just randomly pick maps. It’s honestly a pretty good pool of reasonable maps.

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what. why don’t I see this interesting map pool? I’m still getting the boring Arabia and Black forest in the top row

They fixed it I think

so its just not possible to avoid FC-walling-closed-maps anymore??? BF, arena, fortress, yucatan AND lombardia. so if you want to play open maps, you have no chance. dont mind the arena players, but why are we being forced with only 1 ban, to have to play these maps? i really dont get it. if you want to play an arabia tg, its just not possible, since you got about 5-6maps to ban out, with only 1 ban. whats the point in getting just 1 ban? i guess they want to force you into more smurf/steam accounts somehow.

You could play as a team, then you spread your bans. The thing is, because Arabia is the most popular map by a good margin, the chances are pretty high you will end up playing it anyway.

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even if you play as a team of 4 (4bans), you cannot avoid bf, arena, yucatan, fortress and lombardia (5maps). i really dont mind if people wanna play closed maps. but they can ban golden pit/arabia and they are good to go. we cannot ban 5maps. so why not give unlimited bans. i dont mind waiting 20mins for the map i chose to play. now i wait 5-8mins for a map im for sure do not want to play, and if i quit, i get (rightly) banned. so you see, closed map players are highly favoured with the choices and numbers of bans. and its kinda annoying, having bought and liking a game and just not being able to play it the way you like.

The thing is, not all the closed map players will want all of them, so you only really need to ban the most popular maps. Also, I haven’t played it in a long time, but isn’t Lombardia pretty open?

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but, you see. if you ban arabia, most likely you get a closed map, or fc map or whatever. if you ban, lets say bf, you still get an 80% chance of playing a closed map anyway. its just a bit frustrating. sure there is a vote on the map pool. but just give more bans. if you dont mind waiting for your map, i dont see the problem.
in lombardia your team is far away from the other team and players are reeeaally close together, so its quite easy to team wall and you have enough time to do so.

Honestly, I would love the 1v1 RM map pool to be extended to 11 or 15 maps instead of just 7. If you play a couple 1v1s a day and don’t favourite Arabia, the map pool becomes repetitive really quickly. Increasing the map pool size would 100% rejuvenate my interest to play ranked.

Replace Water Nomad with Arabia and its a good map pool