New map spotted: Saharan Routes - Lost

disssapointment, i had thehope this would bew included as offficla

it is going to, its just meant as a fun map.


in other words, it is official, but not competitive. Just casual.

I mean, you’re welcome to be as competitive as you want on the map. But yea that’s the general idea.


hi vividlyplain, first time im in the forums and you seem quite active, about this map, i cant seem to find it anywhere inbetween the other maps in map selection, i know it may seem like a dumb question, maybe it even is but i truly have looked all over the place, do you know how i select the Saharan routes LOST map in a mp lobby im trying to host

Hi. Perhaps you have a filter selected? Look in all maps.


Thats exactly what im doing, well maybe im doing it wrong, but i select all maps, scrolll down the whole list and go over each one 1 by 1 and it doesnt appear, NOR does the normal Saharan route map either, and i have restarted my game and pc multiple times but didnt help, i tried clicking on “custom maps” but it says i dont have any so im assuming its not a custom map

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Do you play the game through Steam or WS?

Do you have any mods active? They could be overwriting your list of maps, I actually had the same issue and realized I need to deactivate them.

I think i found the issue, correct me if im wrong but is the map part of the african dlc? Cuz i dont have that dlc which i think answers why i dont have the map, i just throught it was a new map not connected to dlc, also to answer your question, im on Steam


It’s an African map so that’s quite possible.

I even tried that aswell cuz ive had issues with mods before assuming that was the issue, thanks for the input though! I think the map is part of african dlc so sadly i cant play it yet, will be buying it soon though so i wont have to wait much longer haha

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Yeah exactly why i think that might be the problem, thanks so much for the help vividlyplain, appreciate you taking ur time to help me figure this out! Have a great day!


Hello im new in game and i play a “NOMAD” mode on this map… but we started without even town center only with our explorer can you help me find out how to create a map like that?

You have to take treasures to get the wood to start and build the town centre, thats the point