New Maps?

In the most recent ranked map rotation vote, there are a few new maps. Were these announced somewhere that I missed or is the map rotation the first place we saw them?

Also, will these be released with the DLC or like an update just before/after it?


I think if the new maps win the polls, they’ll come alongside the DLC next week.

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Yeah you’re probably right. I think they’ll go great with the new DLC stuff!

New is a strong term, I’ll just copy & paste my other comment:
Those maps were made by the community for various reasons, be it for fun or for tournaments.

They have already borrowed maps from the community with 4 lakes which was called “Cross” before being added to the game

Edit: and btw, nothing too exciting about them. Without a big twist, the meta has been already figured for all of them.

Bedouins heavily favours Indians due to the shore fish presence at the point it is basically a civ win.
Coast to mountains heavily favours Mongols due to hunts.
Seize the hump is a map where man at arms are really strong, so most of the time was either Celts or Japanese.
Atacama is just a really aggressive map where you need to control the middle to have a nice woodline and it’s kinda hard to wall, the usual top tier open land civ are good there


Those maps are like a secret teaser to the new expansion.

Both (the expansion and the new map rotation) will drop on January 26.

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I’m still pretty hyped for them, I like to host custom lobbies a lot and am always open to new maps. I think it’s cool how they add in community-made ones!

One interesting bit of trivia is that Seize the Hump and Atacama are maps which were also originally made by the same guy who does the maps for DE now, so for these 2, they are actually his own maps :smiley:

but yeah for Bedouins, Cross and Land Nomad they should have given some credit at least (although that is the job of the guy who writes the patch notes I guess)


That’s actually pretty awesome, I’d love to see some more of his maps in the future

Real world maps that can be played with four players will be great