New Mechanic idea for Cavalry Archers

Hi, this is just an idea, I barely thought in the implications, but maybe with collaboration could result a good thing or no.

The idea is to add an attack-on-movement option for CAs.
When is activated:
-CAs can attack while they are moving to closer enemy unit.

  • CA’s speed, accuracy and RoF is reduced.
    -Thumb ring don’t give %100 accuracy for this attack mode.

That all. Have a nice weekend

Ok I’m sorry but I can’t wrap my head around why you would want a hit and run unit to try and run towards the enemy 11

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Run towards the enemy? Where do I suggested something like that?

that’s pretty much it

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He almost certainly means

“CA’s can attack while moving as long as they are close to an enemy unit.”

We’ve been on this idea before, you can’t really balance it, so it’s a no from me, of course.


Oh ok. Still kinda counter-intuitive for a hit and run unit, you’re supposed to want your CA as far away as possible from the enemy.

I assume the restriction is to make drive-by treeline raids on villagers impossible from the backside. Clearly that’s one serious problem with moving units that can still attack, but I don’t think that’s even the biggest issue.

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As cool as units that fire and move at the same time are, the whole game would have to be redesigned around it, why not monks that convert and walk at the same time? Pikes definitely could walk and jab at the same time, same with swordsmen and so on… I hope AOE4 does go down this path though.

Basically like the total war games… But then you can see what kind of needed to be done to balance them…

Cav archer groups are much smaller than archer groups and have even shorter range, and if i recall correctly their rof and sometimes damage are also lowered. Because kiting/being able to shoot on the move boosts survivability + sustained damage so much.

Cavalry Archers can attack while moving but with lower accuracy, range and rate of fire.
I think that’s what he wanted to say.

It makes sense but 1. might be impossible in the engine and 2. might be OP or generally a balance issue.

AoE4 needs to have that tbh.

This is done in rise of nations but i doubt its doable in this engine.