New mercenaries for old civs

I will left minor native and allies/repentant units for another thread.

So, DE and African Royals have brought new mercenaries. Just for fun to write, because implementing this could have gameplay changes that I don’t know if they would be benefitial.

*Askari: late colonial african soldiers. Could be used by British, Germans, Portuguese and Spanish.

*Zouave: French colonial north african soldier.

*Napoleon gun: Obusier 12, originally French. So for them.

*Zeneta rider, Sennar and Kanuri cavalry: Ottomans

*Gatling camel: they represent egyptian units, so its fine being revolution only.

*Cannonner: they represent early port/spanish gunpowder units in Africa and America, so for them. Specially for Spanish could be the solution for who ask for armoured arquebusiers, without adding a new unit to balance.

Also maybe some old xpack mercs could be added to old civs, for example:

*Jat lancer: British


Yeah I think at least civs should have cards for the mercenaries from their home countries and those they recruited in large numbers historically.


it is a good idea, but the thing with mercs is that they are so broken, so there is always nasty strategies around them, i like the idea but seeing back the devs are just not able to release something balanced, so i would say no. xD