New Mill mechanic

Hello, this idea I stoled by Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds.
The idea is to give the Mill the function to generate infinite food while herdables are garrisoned in it (like relics in monastery, but with a lower ratio).
It gives players the option of take food from herdables with vils like nowadays or garrison them in mill thinking in long term food income.


Why though?

I’d rather do a Technology for a food trickle than Garrison herdables, If Id wanted to introduce an Infinite food mechanic.

In the result noone would kill his herdables, or you really have to make it slow… totally not a good addition if it was one


And there will be people yelling at these suggestions saying “AOE3 MECHANIC NO. IT’S BAD FOR DA GAME”. while completely ignoring the fact that feitoria and relic exist which works on the same mechanic

Im personally ok with such food trickle, as long as it is not a replacement for farming. Although I just realise this one might work a bit too like AOE3 food trickle shipment.

It depends what strat do you want to do. If you garrison the herdables, resign inmediate food, for income food at long term, and could go for deers (nobody gets the deers, just if you want to go scouts, or you are mongol).

The problem I found with this tech you say is that you oponent don’t have the way to stop it. You can destroy the Feitorias, destroy the monasteries with relics, but if its a tech, there is nothing you can do.

Maybe not an infinitive income, maybe just extend the amount of food that herdable can provide. I. e., a sheep taken by vils gives 100F in a couple of seconds. Garrisoned in Mills, could provide 250F but slowly.
So, you choose, less food now, or more food in future


Give it to indians if they start with cow xD

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If rate is like in Magyar historical battle campaign (6 food per minute for easy difficulty, 3 food per minute for mod/hard difficulty, 19 food per minute if you eat them) there will be mill for anti-laming and while we don’t use every sheep at once because of rotting so it will be like when they are waiting garrisoning them gives a little food for every player.

Big rates will effect game a lot. I think there is no space for a new economic building that costs 200 wood for example (maybe Huns because house is empty). Cool but game balance isn’t created for it.

I don’t think adding a new building would be necesary neither.
Of course, this should be balanced in ratio adn final food each herdable can provide.

I always disliked this in SWGB. Made me tilt when I lost my herdables with no way to replace.

Somiliar how Japanese shrines are tilting me in aoe 3.

If this is fixed by making sheep trainable then OK, but honestly this is a feaute I have seen before and didn’t like so would prefer if it stayed out!

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interesting, i like this because it adds a layer of strategy… less now or more later… but in both cases there being only a finite amount so as to not break the game. And capping the number of herdables garrisoned in the mill would stop people abusing it. Maybe for tartars and mayans it would last even longer, and britons would collect them relatively faster still

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This adds nothing to the game, If it’s better than eating the heardables and farming then people would ALWAYS use this, if it was worse people would NEVER use it, it isn’t a strategy thing, it’s either better or worse than the other option, which would make it’s addition pointless


That’s right, at best people would garrison their leftovers sheep in their mill berry while they get their boar and deers and get a bit more food this way. Otherwise saving your sheep just to use this wouldn’t work (unless the trickle is made super OP) because you need to eat sheep asap when starting the game.

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It could work as a boost for any strategy where you’re able to add farms earlier. (For example, fast feudal followed by farm spam would allow you to keep a few sheep alive, which would be harder for fast-castle.)

Even if it was balanced I still wouldn’t like it though. Same reasons @Geojak92 gave.

sounds interesting, but giving income without taking up population is dangerous

having a choice between short-term and long-term is not a bad idea though. maybe some cheap castle age tech that makes sheep last longer. it would need some balancing and not just appended to the current game though

But there are no longer sheep in castle age…

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YOu could eat some herdables, for the first vils’ creation, then go for deers and garrison the rest of herdables. It would give a better eco in at long term. Or just leave the deers and eat all herdables but you resign the pasive food income. It depends of the strat you can use… For scouts you wil prefer eat everything fast, but maybe for Archers or Drush+FC would be better the trickle.

No strategy you say @TougherTrack508? The strategy is if you want to go up quickly to the next age you use villagers to gather the meat fast. On the other hand, if you want like +25 food from the herdables, but they gather way slower, then stick 'em in the mill.

I agree the first 3 or so herdables need to be hunted, but after that there may be herdables that do not need to be gathered so quickly. I’m thinking in maps with a few extra sheep, or if you are doing a long dark age, or like with Tartars when they build a new tc @CactusSteak2171.

How is that not strategy? Have the resources quickly up front but there’s less, or have the resource delayed to later but there’s more?

It is the definition of aoe strategy balancing inefficient incomes: like whenever you use the market for quick resources; or when you make extra fishing ships to get through the fish faster even though its more wood up front; when you use fewer villagers on hunt causing more rot time… and so on.

People are a bit touchy on this topic, it’s interesting

Not sure where you got that from?

Reading between the lines, I do think mill-food would be much stronger than you do. IMO if you could stick a sheep in a mill and get food from it at the rate of 1 vill collecting until the usual food count is depleted (with no rotting), it would be hilariously OP.

Getting resources without spending villager time is strong. Sheep food isn’t “free” as casters are fond of saying, you pay for it with villager time. It’s only slightly less expensive than farming.

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if he follows what it did in SWGB it would be about 8 food a minute per sheep. there was techs to increase this just like you have techs for other eco.

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