New minor civs and maps

That’s what I think as an important content update besides civ expansions (if we will have any). The game is only out for no more than two months and we cannot expect a major expansion too soon.
DE has borrowed a lot of maps from the community. But it is extremely weird to see again Chinese and Japanese monks in Korea or Manchuria, etc.

What I do think are good additions:
Koreans (if there is no plan of making a major civ)
Vietnamese/Thai, etc. and other SE Asians (not just Sufi for SE Asian maps)
Egyptians or Bedouins (for fertile crescent, etc.)

Yeah these maps are meant to be competitive and it’s better not to experiment with too many new stuff. However we can easily avoid this by changing the names and descriptions, etc. E.g. add a new “Korean” map with the Korean natives and then change the descriptions of the old “Korean” map to sth else more relevent.

Also if we are to have European maps, some revolutionary units like hadjuks or wallachians also make good native units.


That ones have ebough to be major playable civs

Sure. But I guess if we’re really getting new major civs, they might not be those of top priority.

Anyway, the game already had “old” minor civs becoming playable civs in the first expansion, so if we are to have more than one expansion (hopefully), that’s not really a big problem.


native siberian Chukci people for Siberia map

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And remember that the Incas are still a minor civilization in the Andes despite already being a playable major civilization

sami people for artic maps

If you’re interested in new maps I have a bunch of custom maps. I’d also love if there were better minor natives to add to my Vietnam map.

Anyway, check out my maps if you’re interested:

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Egypt is a revolution choice, it won’t be minor civ. Korea is a potential major civ for DLCs. Mongols would be a nice minor civ. You are right, they made official a lot of fan-made maps, but did they introduced new content for them? New minor civs, animals, trees? No. It’s sad.

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People are discussing about new contents since the new AOE2 DLC and this should really be considered.

Maybe the game should be fixed first.