New Mongols Lancers - Keshik need to be tuned down

So, Mongols get another UU - weakiest lancer that can be produced in feudal age. On top of that remember of double production. As I have nothing about this change, there is one thing to repair - Keshiks for every attack gain +3HP. For what I saw, it is broken (at least +2, better +1) mainly because it works when you attack buildings. So you cannot make a walls to defend yourself, because you would give for opponents a free healing.

Since this is in PUP I am bringing this problem to preserve us from another “Broken oppresive Monogols Game”.


Delhi unit seems very expensive to make a difference but here only Mongols matter right

I disagree. Spear men can protect well, for Keshik is only like “enhanced horse man”. I even think Keshiks’ hp has to be higher.
As you already mention Keshiks with 145 hp is the weakest lancer ever, it is very vulnerable against spears, not like feudal knights at all.
If +3 hp is compromised, what else Keshik has? What else mongols has? To be honest in currnt PUP, Mongols is actually nerffed in castle age, for it has the weakest heavy calvary now.


Yesterday I played HRE and I faced a Mongol player who spammed keshiks. I had a mixed army of mostly spearmen, some MAA and some archers. While I wasnt doing my best in the first place, I was still quite shocked to see his keshiks with kurultai dive my defending army of mostly spearmen with the meinwerk armor tech head on while under TC fire. And then my reinforcements of spearmen couldnt kill any of the keshiks because they seemed to be outhealing the damage


Didn’t try it out yet but keshiks in combination with mangudai should be a force from feudal onwards.

dosn’t do well. Mangudai’s are a burden, their damage negligable even against spearmen. and are way to expensive.
For the price of mangudai its better to get an additional keshik.
Not to mention mangudais in your cavalry army slows them down as they have much slower movement speed.


If you’re suggesting Ghazi get buffed, they are not meant to completely counter MAA. They are meant to do better vs them than current Horseman (which they do). Delhi can already do well vs MAA with Horseman + archer + scholar and now it will be even better

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yes, out of 12 against 14, that at least 8 remain alive, not 10

Dude, no. It’s a little bit weaker (instead cheaper also), but still lancer/knight. Still good armor, speed, huge (in compare to other units) health. And on top of that this insanely stupid broken lifestealing…

At least French’s Royal Knights costs more, you have paid for regeneration and cannot produce 2 in prize of one…

No, they can’t. Spears counter knights only in eco-efficiency, in huge numbers. In equal numbers they don’t have a chance. Only hope in catching cav units and dealing enough damage, but guess what - Keshiks can just run away and get healing by attacking some piece of wall i.e., after picking one or two spears. And this go on and scaling.

I just did a battle in equal resources, against the knight of feudal age, and it was very even, barely a knight survived

Against small numbers of MAA it holds, but in a match against HRE where it has an echo to spam a lot of MAA, Delhi can do little more than hold on as long as HRE can age up Castles.

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It’s weird that the devs let Keshik regen heal from attacking building, something that even Vampire can’t do.

Other than this oversight, I guess the unit is fine as it is.

Maybe if Keshik can directly raid gold from buildings via each attack, would make more sense.

I think Keshik is not knight, why? Okay, it look like it has armor 3, but in real use with HP 145/175/205, Attack 15/19/23, it can barely survived in front of enemy’s spears, use patrol can protect very well, with around 5 spears enemy can protect the gold well then age up to Castle age, then it is the death time for Mongols since they don’t have laners anymore, they only have a 175 HP keshik in Castle age!
In feudal, Keshik with 145 hp, compared to ottoman Sipahi (160 hp) really a joke. You ever saw a Kinght’s hp lower than horseman? What is worse is that Ottoman have real lancers in Castle age.
Now I don’t think Mongol is considered as Cavalry Cive well.
I really tried Keshik 10 games above, maybe my skill is weak, I only got to Diamond 1 once and linger in Plat most of the time. But my experience is Keshik not practical at all, even with that vampire skill, I don’t think enemy needs wall if they have patroling spears.


Yep, Keshiks are too weak now,
They cost 40 resources less 20 food and 20 gold, but in return, they nerfed hp by a lot, dmg by a lot, and added attack speed with life steal.

Now the Mongol Keshik is countered by many units more easily.
And it counters almost nothing…
It is not cost-effective, it is worst than Sofa warriors and just the worst type of heavy cavalry in the game…


If you saw player using Keshik knocking on the wooden walls, that tells exatcly how pathetic Keshik is.
Anyone would like to charge on enemy’s villagers or armies, if he or she has a feudal “knights”. However, Keshik just can’t bully spearmen, with archers as side wing? Normal opponents know to counter with spears and horsemen, and they don’t cost any gold.
Don’t worry if you saw Keshik charge on your walls, he is not gonna knocking any gold out of it, it’s just pathetic because his original HP is too weak so quick he is already near to death and he has no right target to charge onto.
Me and my friend mainly plays Mongols and after season 4 and this PUP, we both wanna join other civ now.


Can’t agree with you more, maybe I would spent stone on double archers rather than double Keshick, would be a waste in a real fight.

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Make biased and incomplete analyzes, if it’s a joke
The armor is more important than the HP, which has 3, also the attack speed is better than Keshik 1.38

Warrior Scout had less HP and less attack than the Hoserman, but was very strong because of its regeneration ability.

I already mentioned that I did a test with equal resources against the gentleman and it was very even, but I think they want me to upload a video, no

Farm Man can help you with the video

The first technology can be balanced to pass it to castles and with that it would be fine


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Because it does not cost any gold, it regenerates over time!!! By doing nothing!
Keshik regenerates by attacking, that is worse than any healing…
Warrior scouts are good because they can raid cost-effectively.
Keshiks cost too much gold for that kind of raid.
Demuslim was in shock when his Keshik army was obliterated by Sofas.
He said, well, keshiks arent that good and was quite surprised.
He knew he spent more resources and thought he would win that fight for sure.
But he got smashed and lost…