New Naval Battles System

What do you think about it? I litteraly love it :heart_eyes:


Seems like the perfect balance between aoe3 water mechanics and aoe2 water mechanics.


Yees, beautiful. Although i didn’t understand if now the ships can shoot from either side or not :thinking:

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It seems some ships shoot front facing and some shoot from the side, I would guess the ones that shoot from the side shoot from one side at a time.

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I think that depends on the ship.

They also only seem to show Imperial Age navel battles because they always show cannons.

Gun powder units generally seem to be more important.


I saw one boat that shot ballistas but yes, at the top of the screen it says imperial age, will be interesting to see how feudal age water battles happen.

Side note: in age 4 at least, transport ships support 16 units, also there is an indicator on top of the ship.


Usually a lot of players almost never play or at least tend not to play in naval maps, the fact that they’ve improved them maybe will lead people to think again!


My first thought as i saw the new footage was “nice tactical stuff which you throw in the game”. :slight_smile:
So its even more clear now that firing angles and positioning of troops are more important then in aoe2.


Which makes this game more strategic.


I like what I saw, I’m quite excited by naval gameplay.


I loved it! The only thing that disappointed me was that they didn’t went for “all ships are transport ships” like in Aoe3. I really expected it to be like aoe3 in that matter, but i can still accept it, it’s not a big deal.


I’m just hoping the ships can move and fire at the same time.
That’d be the change I’m wanting to see, if I get a ship that attacks from the side chasing a ship and not being able to get a shot off cause it takes too long to stop,turn,load, and shoot, like it is in aoe3, I’ll be most disappointed.

Honestly not happy with naval unit and water graphics.

Even AOE 3 has better water graphics

I love the way it looks in AoE4. Naval warfare in AoE3 just looks and feels clunky. There are things more important than having the best graphics to a game.


tbh I wouldnt like that. I am already annoyed by ACs water battles, I dont need water microing aswell in age :smiley:

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  1. Hope that it’s not based on spamming ships like in aoe2.
  2. A little unrealistical since “boarding” has not been presented.