New naval information on AOE4/Adam Isgreen

In this youtube interview Adam Isgreen revealed more about ships and fishing.
link: Age of Empires 4: Two different types of ships and fishing mechanics revealed - YouTube


fish is the only unlimited resource on the map. Interesting

It makes sense. They breed faster and more. Back in the time population was not as high as it is now. So it didn’t hurt the environment due to mass fishing. (maybe, river, pond fish did suffer back in the time due to excessive fishing).

So the AoM model. I’m ok with this.

Overfishing, particularly of river fish, from the XI to the XIII century, was very real and had big consequences. River stocks are far more fragile than those in the sea, and besides, medieval European Catholics ate lots of fish because of the many days where one couldn’t eat meat.

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From the interview only deep sea fishing regenerates. River/shallows fishing will seemingly get exhausted and stay that way.


My biggest hope is that they make age 1-2 naval combat more landing based and less about naval engagements, and that those are predominantly ship boardings. Would make island maps much more exciting and would make mounting a defense so much more interesting.

Which means we can get a version of the Four Lakes/Cross map in AOE4! I’m excited, I hope they launch it on release or modders make something like it quick.

At the end of that vid, he says that “people rush to try to secure the dock areas so they can plop a dock down.” I wonder if this means docks are only buildable at a very limited number of preset points along the shoreline?

“And if you can find Gaia and Harvest…” – interesting. Is this like AoE3 treasures, I wonder?

Is really cool he’s doing these podcasts/interviews. Seems like he cares a lot about the game/franchise, and all around seems to have a really good vibe/personality. I haven’t watched many of the vids, but the few I’ve seen him in he’s always kind. Makes me feel a little bad for expressing any concerns over AoE4 :smiley:

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Gaia and Harvest might be dev speak for huntables and forage bushes or equivalent.

Yeh he seems very passionate about aoe and rts in general. Really like watching interviews and vidcasts so far

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that is what I exactly said

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It doesn’t. There would be no reason why they would implement that considering the direction we have seen them go for other areas of the game, and the naval teaser shows a English dock that seems perfectly naturally placed ( and it’s design suggest it being a classic building, and not a ‘specific plot’ type building).

What is interesting from the naval teaser, though, is that the market seem to obtain dock-like abilities, separate from the traditional dock building itself, when placed close to shore.

woops, sorry. Guess I shouldn’t go late night foruming.

Well, it is a rather interesting choice of words then, nonetheless. Securing dock areas in, say, AoE2 would be nearly impossible for most maps. You’d have to secure every square inch of shoreline. If you can maybe somehow do that in AoE4, it could mean there’s not much shoreline you can build on, or there are dock hotspots up for grabs akin to trading posts in AoE3, or he was just thinking of one particular map type that has few shores, or its easy to secure swaths of the map either with Rise of Nations’-like spheres of influence, or far-reaching towers, etc. A million possibilities, but I just found the choice of words odd if AoE4 has AoE2-like freedom and expanse

So resources run fast out and limited base build? Man it sounds worse and worse every day.

Resources run out fast in Age 2

Yes, AoE4 will be a game about limited basebuilding and fast out running resources. That’s exactly what has been shown. Go tell everyone now before somebody votes on them!

Never got into naval combat in AoE2 with all the ships firing dead-straight instead of using port / starboard cannons. Also found transporting large troops across water a frustrating experience. Hopefully they’ll make plenty of adjustments.

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I saw an interview yesterday where they are aware navy isn’t used a lot in earlier AoEs… and are a bit like tanks on water, in a sense/so to speak.

I got the impression they’re trying some different things to make naval stuff more interesting. He couldn’t go into detail, but stay tuned